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    Robin (Teen Titans Go!)

    Robin (Teen Titans Go!)
    Titans GO!.png
    "Titans, GO!
    And no other words after GO! and if anyone tries to add another word after GO! they're a dummy GO!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bad, Control Freak and Full of himself Superhero Leader
    Age: About 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Scott Menville
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teen Titans GO!

    Robin, also known by his real name as Richard John "Dick" Grayson, is the leader and a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists in the American animated television series, Teen Titans Go!. He is voiced by Scott Menville.

    Why He Should GO! Away Now

    1. He is arguably the worst of the Titans as he's paranoid, psychotic, immature and usually the worst behaved than the others something that his original 2003 counterpart would never do.
    2. He has a very short temper and will easily get angry at the other Titans if something isn't done properly. While this is to be expected considering he is the boss and the leader, he takes this way too far to the point that he is a spoiled brat. He is also a crybaby who bawls if something doesn't go his way or one of his things breaks.
      • Robin may have been a whiny brat in the movies Batman Forever and Batman & Robin (which both aren't even good movies, to begin with), but not to this extent.
    3. He is very unfunny and tells terrible jokes.
    4. He is shown to be mentally unstable at times even for a teenager.
    5. He takes his crush on Starfire way too far at times, up to the point where he acts out fantasies with puppets. He also acts like an idiot about it.
    6. He often goes from hero to villain to get what he wants, such as when he kidnapped Speedy to date Starfire.
    7. He went full nationalist at one point, claiming tea is the British national drink and it could help England to conquer America again, even though England (or the United Kingdom, the country England originates from) has been America's ally for over a century.
    8. In one episode, Hey You Don’t Forget About Me in Your Memory, Robin acts like a childish sore loser and a bully to Beast Boy when the Titans go to school.
      • To makes things worse, Robin never learned a thing from his actions and violently assaulted the other Titans to the point where they all got kicked out of school.
    9. He is unnecessarily ruthless to those who he considers rivals, like Kid Flash.
    10. There are times when he twerks.
    11. He and the other Titans "won" a dodgeball game by cheating.
    12. Unlike the original series, while Scott Menville did reprise his role as Robin, his voice acting is rather annoying as he shouts and screams a majority of his lines.
    13. Although he, along with other Teen Titans, was tolerable as he is calmer in the first six episodes, he became what he is right now in many later episodes for reasons mentioned above.
    14. He has basically become a Warner Bros/Cartoon Network version of Ed Bighead from Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life, except much less likable.
    15. He receives little-to-no character development like the other Titans.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His new design in the show is admittedly passable.
    2. He can be smart and witty sometimes.
    3. He is sometimes hilarious and charismatic, like in Video Game References.
    4. He is still a strong, driven, and confident leader.
    5. There are times where he is right.
    6. The Titans do often disobey and treat him unfairly, so some of his behavior is warranted.
    7. Compared to the other Titans, he does care the most about being a hero.
    8. He can at times be very sympathizing. As he was abused by circus animals as a baby, which is why he's so uptight. And his team hardly has any respect for him often as they treat him like he's a joke, and they have even committed mutiny against him by wanting him to be replaced by a different leader. The movie Teen Titans Go! To The Movies furthers his sympathetic-ness as he's considered a joke by every single DC superhero, especially Batman!
    9. He is a much better character outside of Teen Titans Go! and gets some redemption in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies and Teen Titans Go! vs Teen Titans.
    10. Scott Menville still decently voices him for the most part.


    • Robin can be compared to Takaharu Igasaki from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger very easily. Both are leaders of their respective teams, both have red as their signature color, both of them try to be "humorous", and both of them are mentally unstable. Similar to how Takaharu Igasaki takes his relationship with his sister, Fuuka Igasaki, way too far at times, Robin takes his crush on Starfire way too far at times.



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