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{{LoathsomeCharacterInfobox|name=Robert Jones|Gender=Male|Type=Cheating and Unlikable Asshole|First Appearance="Pilot"|Last Appearance="Wheel of Family"|Status=Alive|Portrayed by=Corey Holcomb|Species=Human|Series=The Cleveland Show (Seasons 2-4)|Picture=Robert Jones The Cleveland Show.png]]

Robert Jones is the ex-husband of Donna Tubbs-Brown and the biological father of Roberta and Rallo Tubbs.

Why He Sucks

  1. He seems to always care for himself and never for others, showing how uncaring he is.
  2. He lacks any sense of intelligence and once thought that he was going to be killed by Julia Roberts, however, she was going to check on him. Is he that retarted or what?
  3. Like most Cartoon Characters, he is your typical, Mean Popular Boy. He always acted so popular and used that to pick on Cleveland.
  4. Speaking of picking on Cleveland, he is an asshole who seems to act like a dick to Cleveland.
  5. He is a Karma Houdini, as he never gets punished for his actions.
  6. Because of the fact that he lost a Dance to LeVar and Evelyn, he shows so much immaturity and divorces Donna because of that. How immature is this guy?
  7. He constantly gets himself into trouble and always needs Cleveland for everything, showing that he keeps relying on anyone else.
  8. He's basically Glenn Quagmire but a Black Guy's version as he is always hitting up on woman.
  9. He always cheats on Donna during their marriage and doesn't seem to care.
  10. He is so neglectful to his children to the point, that he keeps forgetting the names of his children and his step-son.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. Corey Holcomb does a good job voicing him.