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    Rito Yuki
    Before we had Kazuya Kinoshita, we had this. Pretty much not a good MC to anime for Japanese audiences in western countries.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Clumsy Dimwit of a boyfriend
    Total Schlemiel
    Careless Jerk (In Season 1)
    Heartless Moron
    Gross-out Protagonist (In To Love-Ru: Darkness)
    Makoto Itou Done Worse
    The pre-War for Cybertron trilogy Optimus Prime of To Love-Ru.
    Age: 15 - 16
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)
    Ry McKeand (English)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: To Love-Ru

    Rito Yūki is the main male protagonist of the To Love-Ru series, and its sequel To Love-Ru Darkness. He is a normal 16-year-old student of Sainan High, who has a big crush on Sairenji Haruna, to whom he attempted numerous times to confess to but has met failure each time. It was only by accident that he met Lala Satalin Deviluke, an alien princess he accidentally became engaged to. Rito used to be on the soccer team in junior high and was fairly good but quit because he was constantly helping his father with his manga duties, and did not want to leave his little sister, Yūki Mikan alone in the house. Mikan comments he is very good at the most "useless little things", like crane and festival games (e.g., hoops, catching fish, squirt guns). Along with the many useless little things Rito is good at, he is also an accomplished florist, gardener, and horticulturist.

    Why He's No Beast Nor Kind And Doesn't Deserve To Be Loved

    1. The series' main gag is Rito is a clumsy teenager who keeps grabbing girls' private parts by accident. This may not be a problem at first, but after seeing him trip every time he sees a girl more than a few times, it really starts to get stale.
      • His fumbling personality can be somewhat realistic, but it tries too hard to make him relatable, and his clumsiness ends up being an over-the-top gimmick instead of a trait.
      • His personality flaws could've worked if there was some sort of clever and unexpected twist to it, maybe have it somewhere different from other harem protagonists at the time, but instead, Rito still felt like another clichéd protagonist that has been done several times before. Let alone his character is as dry as an unseasoned turkey.
    2. Rito being a butt-monkey comes across as sad and pathetic than humorous.
    3. He is an idiot who makes more mistakes compared to Lala.
    4. He only existed to show what it's like for Lala, who is half human and half alien mixed with a devil, to have a real boyfriend.
    5. His existence is only to cash in on the harem genre.
    6. He can be sometimes miscast; while Akeno Watanabe might be decent for the role, Rito's voice can be a bit childish; as for Ry McKeand, his voice can be too deep in some places.
    7. He can sometimes be either useless or incompetent.
    8. He is more a generic "cowardly" person.
    9. The way Rito has saved Yami was really stupid and confusing since all he did was to be stripped naked and went after fondling Yami's breasts until she regained consciousness.
    10. Aside from being clumsy, he hasn't really gotten much character growth, not even at least fixing his clumsy nature by being aware of his surroundings before taking movement.
    11. He is useless at times whenever Lala, her sisters, Yami, and Mea were facing threats.
    12. He is completely treated as a doormat sometimes.
    13. Despite being pathetic, he was actually much worse from the start where he was a total jerk towards Lala throughout the entirety of the first season because of how much he cared about Haruna even more than her which was selfish of him. In fact, he was only nice to her when Haruna is around and nothing else. He was also very careless about the consequences of his actions for continuing to reject Lala.
    14. While Ren getting punched seemed funny depending on the viewers' point of view, it was very unnecessary of Rito to do that because he committed battery on him and he could've got arrested for that.
    15. He has a much worse moment in the manga where he downright accuses Ren of having feelings for Lala and gets himself into a fight with Ren. This makes him an envious character and even more idiotic who he gets jealous with him. In other cases, this makes him very delusional. At one point after he accidentally groped Haruna and as said of the previous pointer, he puts the blame on Ren for it and punches him which is very immature and aggressive of him. From all this, this makes him worse as an egotistical rival to Ren for antagonizing him. The worst part, he doesn't show any remorse for his actions towards him which makes him a sociopath.
      • While Ren is also antagonistic towards Rito most of the time, it is understandable because the sad thing from Rito's antagonistic ego towards Ren is that Ren is an old friend of Lala and Rito doesn't seem to care about it and in fact, he's the fault for his rivalry with Ren.
      • Because of how he accidentally kissed Ren despite the moment being funny, he gave Run the advantage to take control and caused her to be a rival towards Lala which made Ren in the right to hate him more.
      • Also, it doesn't make sense why Rito even try to have Ren stay away from Lala when he was the one being a jerk to her and only cared about Haruna, because even if it does seem like he would be aware of the consequences yet he still cares more about Haruna yet he just reverted back to someone being careless about his actions. Because of this, he suffers from a worse case of inconsistency and it does imply that he is a hypocrite.
    16. Despite being a pathetic punching-bag, he's also a worst example of being a karma houdini for not getting a proper punishment this time by the girls for his actions of tormenting Ren, being a jerk to Lala, being a self-centered idiot and ignoring the potential consequences. He also never even got punished by his own family or expelled from his school either.
    17. While not a pervert, he was partly flanderized into being a gross-out character in To Love-Ru Darkness like making Momo suck on a popsicle forcefully.
      • Also in one chapter in the manga, he slept with Momo a few times which makes him even more gross-out and what is also worse that he CHEATED ON LALA.
    18. He can be compared to Makoto Itou from the anime adaptation of School Days which both are the worst harem protagonists for their atrocities, both ignored the consequences of their actions, both caused a lot of trouble that is enough to get both of them arrested, both of them are self-centered, both cheat on their girlfriends and being flanderized into their worst. However the difference is that Rito is a clumsy punching-bag despite being a karma-houdini, a self-centered dimwit and an envious rival but while he does have some gross-out moments in To Love-Ru: Darkness, he still isn't a pervert. Makoto, on the other hand, is a manipulative pervert who is a hate sink for sexually abusing any girl he sleeps with though unlike Rito, he's still somewhat more tolerable in the manga and the video game adaptations.
      • He can also be compared to the War for Cybertron trilogy counterpart of Optimus Prime which both are bad protagonist who are heartless morons,tend to be very incompetent in so many ways, have jerkish ways of being rivals with someone for stupid reasons and continue on with it, they tend to be careless without realizing the consequences of their actions, betray the ones they loved and have a worst case of flanderization. The only difference is that Rito is very immature, clumsy and at times a degenerate while this Optimus is a dumb-downed leader who is been this way over the death of his mentor, Alpha Trion.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Rito does mean well when interacting with other characters, his fiancé Lala, his "daughter" Celine, his younger sister Mikan, and especially with Nemesis, the series' “main antagonist”.
    2. Thankfully, he's not a pervert at all and never intended to be.
    3. His voice acting is good only for his Japanese voice actress, Akeno Watanabe. (See WHIAB#6.) Ry McKeand can be decent for the role.
    4. His character design is decent along with his female form as “Riko Yusaki”.
    5. To be fair, it's not Rito's fault that he can't control the clumsy nature he was born with.
    6. He often still cares about his family and is good friends with Kenichi.
    7. He has his funny moments like punching Ren in sheer annoyance though again that moment depends on the viewers' point of view.
    8. While not having a proper punishment from tormenting Ren, the part where both of them accidentally kiss and have disgusted expressions is rather a good comeback, unfortunately it is not enough to stop him from being a karma-houdini and the fault that he made Run take control and made her a rival towards Lala.
    9. Despite his atrocities, he at least does have some character development such as stop being a jerk to Lala.
    10. One moment where he imagines himself as Master Chief and the galactic war from High Charity which is similar to the Great Schism is a nice reference to the Halo franchise.


    • He shares the same Japanese voice actress as Mt. Lady and young Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.


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