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    Ripslinger (Planes; film)

    Ripslinger is the main antagonist of the 2013 DisneyToon film Planes. He is a black and green champion racer, who is a bully of the Wings Around the Globe racing circuit. Rude and obnoxious, he and Dusty are serious competitors, and Ripslinger will do anything to humiliate him.

    Ripslinger (Planes; film)
    "Gone riptide!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Rude, obnoxious plane
    Species: Air Racer
    Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Planes

    Why He Should Be Ripped (No Pun Intended)

    1. He is a terrible villain, and perhaps, even worse than that of Jackson Storm (who is a Disney/Pixar villain) from the later Cars 3, despite that film coming four years after Planes on June 16, 2017. He tries to kill Dusty for no reason other than to win the race, who is more of a "spoiled legend who wants to keep his fame" than the villain. He is also a rip-off of Chick Hicks from Cars (another Disney/Pixar villain), except that he isn't as really entertaining as a villain as Chick himself, with a couple of exceptions here and there.
      • Though to be fair, he does get some comeuppance when Skipper confronts him, as well as when he loses to Dusty in the final lap and when he flies past the public bathrooms, which caused him to get dirty, stinky and publicly humiliated.
      • His infamous, "Gone riptide!" line which can be heard multiple times throughout the film can be extremely annoying.
    2. He is a bully of the Wings Around the Globe racing circuit.
    3. He is also rude and obnoxious.
    4. He hates Dusty Crophopper, who wants to compete in the race but is seriously afraid of heights, out of the fact that he thinks that crop dusters are not meant to race. Because of this, he along with Ned and Zed plot to disqualify Dusty by cheating in every race. Dusty loses his second race in Germany to save a British plane named Bulldog from suffering from an oil leak, much to his delight.
      • But as Dusty begins to win more and more races during the competition and falling in love with an Indian plane named Ishani, he becomes more and more jealous of the crop duster. So as a result during a race over the Pacific Ocean, he orders Ned and Zed to sabotage Dusty by knocking off his navigation antenna in order to make him lose communication from the other racers and therefore making him get lost.
    5. He has a self-centered and carefree personality, and loves to cheat his way into anything he wants to. He is often rude and likes to play dirty with his fellow racers, usually involving plane crashes. He is especially cruel to Dusty, who in his opinion should not be racing and just stick to what he is good at. Whenever he is busy, he usually seeks help from his two sidekicks Ned and Zed.
      • He has no backstory that explains how he got to behaving the way he did in the film, even though this lack of backstory could also be found in other characters like Chick Hicks.
      • He also tried to kill El Chupacabra for wearing his trademark cape in a deleted scene.
    6. Much like Jackson Storm (who is said above in WHS #1), we never found out what happened to him after the closing race scene (other than getting washed-up by El Chupacabra offscreen after the events of the first film).
    7. Idiot move: When he tries to kill Dusty the third time, he literally does it right in front of El Chupacabra and the entire audience! That led him not only to losing his racing business, but eventually being in last place. Yeah, smooth move, Ripslinger.
    8. Unlike Chick Hicks (who is somewhat decently executed), and much like Crusher from the Nickelodeon show Blaze and the Monster Machines, Jackson Storm also again, and even Cad Spinner from Planes: Fire & Rescue, he is very one-dimensional, boring, and forgettable (depending on your guess).
    9. He accidentally destroyed part of Skipper's flap at the ending.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. As mentioned above, he did get comeuppance when Skipper confronted him, and as well as when he lost to Dusty in the final lap and when he flew past the public bathrooms, which caused him to get dirty, stinky and publicly humiliated, which is a hilarious comeuppance for him.
    2. Roger Craig Smith did a decent job voicing him.
    3. His "Gone Riptide" line, while annoying, can actually be pretty enjoyable.
    4. Also much like Jackson Storm, he could be at least better in the game too.
    5. Just like Crusher from BATMM, there are some other scenes where he has a good side.
    6. He wasn't one of the reasons why Planes was bad.


    • Ripslinger is one of the many Disney villains to be rude, and have a lot of pride.
    • Ripslinger is very similar to the character of Chick Hicks, the main antagonist from Cars. Both are villainous racing vehicles with predominantly green paint, and they both cheat the protagonists McQueen/Dusty and letting them fail in order to win the race.
      • Jackson Storm is similar to him personality wise however, Ripslinger is more physical in his tactics like Chick Hicks, compared to Storm.
    • 13, Ripslinger's racing number, is considered an unlucky number, which is likely why it was chosen for him, and can refer to Friday the 13th. Fittingly, he causes bad things for his enemies.
    • His flying style is to take the lead early, and maintains pace from out in front.
    • He has a personal DJ to keep him relaxed, and he loves hip hop music.
    • He is nicknamed the "Green Tornado" throughout the racing world.


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