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    Rigby (Regular Show, seasons 3-5)

    "STOP TALKING!" - the real Rigby's reaction when the J.G. Quintel flanderized him
    Gender: Male
    Type: Lazy, Selfish, and Hot-Headed Badmouth
    The Dark Side of Rigby
    Age: 23
    Species: Raccoon
    Portrayed by: William Salyers
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Regular Show
    First appearance: The Power
    Last appearance: A Regular Epic Final Battle

    Rigby is one of the seven main protagonists of Regular Show.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in seasons 3-5 into being lazier and more of a jerk than in seasons 1 and 2.

    Lazy Qualities in Which He Should Be Fired

    1. He went from being somewhat of a jerk in seasons 1-2 to being even worse in seasons 3-5.
      • For example, in “Muscle Mentor”, he badmouths Benson for seemingly no reason, and he just didn’t know when to shut up. Thankfully, he got what he deserved when Muscle Man “mentored” him (i.e. he got laser-guided karma).
    2. There are some episodes where he just got lazier and lazier.
      • One example is in the infamous “The Best Burgers in the World”, where he and Mordecai deliberately disobeyed Benson over burgers.
      • Another example is in the aforementioned “Muscle Mentor".
    3. Like Eddy, he has become a much bigger butt-monkey, despite him mostly deserving it.
    4. He became much dumber, even being a manchild at his worst.
    5. Speaking of which, there are many episodes where he's at his absolute worst, even before his flanderization. These episodes are as follows:
      • "Temp Check"
      • "It's Time"
      • "Over the Top"
      • ”Go Viral”
      • ”Stick Hockey”
      • "Bet to be Blonde"
      • “The Best Burgers in the World”
      • “Muscle Mentor”
      • ”Do or Diaper”
      • “Cool Cubed”
      • ”A Bunch of Full-Grown Geese”
      • “Benson’s Car”
      • "Paint Job"
    6. Speaking of “A Bunch of Full-Grown Geese,” he blew up the park and got off scot-free (in spite of his good intentions), making him an idiot houdini.
      • It’s sad, because he usually gets what he deserves for his actions.
    7. Much like Billy, he makes a lot of dangerous threats, e.g. threatening to kill another character.

    Hard-Working Qualities That Won't Get Him Fired

    1. He was so much better in seasons 1 and 2, and he massively redeemed himself in season 6.
      • That being said, he was slightly better in season 5.
    2. He still cares about his friends.
    3. There are times when you can sympathize with Rigby.
      • That being said, he more often than not gets karma for his actions (e.g. "The Best Burgers in the World,” "Muscle Mentor,” "Benson’s Car,” etc.), so at least he’s not an idiot houdini (with the aforementioned exception of “A Bunch of Full-Grown Geese”).
    4. William Slayers still does a great job voicing him.
    5. Overall, he wasn't bad during his flanderization, just flawed and rough around the edges.
      • At least he wasn't as frustrating as Eddy.


    • Despite being a raccoon, Rigby looks more like a coati.


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