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Marland T. Höek and Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cadogan/Cat, created by John Kricfalusi, are the title characters and two eponymous main protagonists of the 1991 Nickelodeon animated series The Ren & Stimpy Show, and its 2003 reboot Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".

Ren & Stimpy
"YOU EEDIOTS!" - The real Ren and Stimpy's reactions to these flanderized versions of themselves from Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon.
Gender: Male
Type: The Extremely Dark Sides of Ren and Stimpy
Age: 42 (Ren)
35 (Stimpy)
Species: Chihuahua (Ren)
Manx Cat (Stimpy)
Portrayed by: John Kricfalusi (Ren)
Eric Bauza (Stimpy)
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"
First appearance: The Ren and Stimpy Show

John Kricfalusi created the characters during his stay at Sheridan College and they first appeared on film in the pilot episode "Big House Blues". Ren is a scrawny, emotionally unstable, and sociopathic "Asthma Hound” Chihuahua, and his best friend Stimpy, in contrast, is a dim-witted, good-natured Manx cat.

The show portrays their wacky, bizarre, and often surreal adventures. Although they're awesome in the original show, they're the exact opposite in the Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. And we mean, the exact opposite of awesome.

Why They Intentionally Were Both EEDIOTS


  1. First and foremost, like the show itself, recasting iconic characters who were originally portrayed in protagonist and/or anti-heroic roles with sympathetic qualities (in Ren's case and to an extent both) and were ditzy, dumb, happy-go-lucky, eccentric and goofballs, all in a good way (in Stimpy's case) as flat-out highly aggressive and evil villains with zero sympathetic, empathetic and redeeming traits (especially in Ren's case) and stereotypically homosexual characters for no real reason who are extremely stupid, in-your-face, loud, insane, gross, pointless and have no purpose for the show whatsoever is an extremely abysmal idea that was bad as a adaptation from the start, which is why it upsetted and angered so many fans of The Ren & Stimpy Show by how their characters were depicted in general, since Ren and Stimpy prior to their atrocious flanderizations in Adult Party Cartoon had been fan favorites and lots of audiences had been rooting for them for many years, only for them to end up losing almost all of their charm, likability, redeeming qualities, wit, sympathetic, and empathetic traits to the point that they become loathsome degenerates that are widely hated and total shells of their former selves. Ren's has especially sufferred the absolute worst from character derailment.
    • For a condensed version, both of them have been severely flanderized beyond recognition into mindless perverts with barely any redeeming qualities, so much to the point that they mostly feel like fan-made parodies of their original selves (much like Shnookums and Meat, except a lot worse), due to the various reasons as listed below.
  2. Everything they do is obnoxiously over-the-top, very childish and undignified, rude, and unnecessarily repulsive most of the time. They're both equally just as immature, idiotic, and gross as well.
  3. All their cartoon gags went from funny and entertaining in the original show to flat, stale, unfunny, crude, rude, lewd, disgusting, and tasteless.
  4. Their character designs can look pretty ugly many times, mainly due to John K. preferring off-model designs constantly rather than staying on-model half of the time.
  5. Both of them destroyed most of the reputation that their original characters in the original show had and succeeded in turning these versions of them (especially Ren) into some of the most universally hated characters of all time. In other words, they both give the original Ren Höek and Stimpy bad names.

Ren Höek

  1. The idea of Ren being the main antagonist was took a step too far for Ren becoming a more mean-spirited, villainous and violent direction in this adult-oriented spin-off.
  2. He's an irredeemably antagonistic and unstable psychopath who tormented animals and bugs in his childhood to inflict pain on others and loves to make others suffer.
    • Yes, he was an antipathic psychopath in the original show, but he was never that much of an uncaring sadist like his portrayal in Ren Seeks Help.
  3. His actions almost always come off as too abusive and sadistic rather than genuinely funny.
  4. On the topic of perversion, sadomasochism, and erotic behavior, he even mistreats Stimpy violently and even sexually at times. As seen in "Altruists" for instance, there is an infamously controversial scene where Ren practically has sexual intercourse with Stimpy by getting a saw attached to his very crotch and sawing a log placed on Stimpy's buttocks, and the latter begs him to rub the saw in between his buttocks. This is so disgusting to watch; it reaches the point of "eye-bleach" territory.
  5. He beats up his best friend Stimpy constantly, unlike in the original show, where it was kind of the opposite, and he would only do so if Stimpy did something stupid, obnoxious, or painful.
  6. He barely, if ever treats Stimpy with any love, care, or compassion and instead treats him like a punching bag to take out his anger on when something goes wrong in his life or when he doesn't get his way, making him a horrible person. Contrast with Ren in the original show, who is content with simply slapping and otherwise punishing Stimpy for being annoying, intentional or not, and had several moments (especially in the beginning and near the end of the series) showing that he does genuinely love and care about him and his life wouldn't be complete without him. He even acted like a parental or older brother figure to him on occasion, making this even more out-of-character, extremely painful to acknowledge, and very sad.
  7. He even acts way angrier, more violently, and is more short-tempered than before, especially towards Stimpy (who doesn't do much to warrant it), to the point that his violent acts becomes very mean-spirited, over-exaggerated, and overall unfunny.
    • Ren may have been angry, short-tempered, antipathic, and psychopathic in the original series, but never to this extent for punching Stimpy in the face for doing nothing but blabbering about something.
  8. Because of all these reasons, his character was one of the biggest problems with the Adult Party Cartoon, which was a show that already contained many problems in many of it's episodes.
  9. He doesn't get punished for all the crap that he does. He never gets any real comeuppance for any of the over-the-top mean-spirited actions that he had done over the years (besides "Ren Seeks Help"), like getting put in jail, meaning that he is a giant Karma Houdini.
  10. Gross-out behavior: He and Stimpy are constant causes of making stomach-wrenching scenes. One of these examples includes eating body fluids and living inside a drunk person's mouth while not seeming to care that much about it in "Onward and Upward".


  1. He's a stereotypically homosexual character who indulges in various extremely gross activities with Ren on occasion for no discernible reason.
  2. He is a total doormat that Ren mistreats and bullies constantly and Stimpy just lets Ren walk all over him for no reason, making him a complete Butt-Monkey. This is unlike in the original show, where it was kind of the opposite as there are multiple instances where Stimpy would stand up to himself when Ren goes way too far. Here, with the notable exception of "Ren Seeks Help", he hardly ever does any of that.
    • On top of that, he seems to be okay with the torture he received, as there are times when he can come off as incredibly masochistic, submissive and overly passive despite being brainless and a pushover. Where Ren expresses displeasure and discomfort about being tormented or attacked, Stimpy, for the most part, seems to enjoy and take a form of pleasure from all of the miserable, uncomfortable, and unpleasant situations that happen to him, which comes off as pitiful, strange and unnatural.
  3. He’s extremely stupid to the point it’s not even funny. Sure, he was once very comical, simple-minded, childish, and a moron in the original series, but he was never that stupid like his portrayal in this spin-off. Where his stupidity used to be charming and hilarious, but now his stupidity is incredibly irritating and frustrating to watch.
    • Stimpy's first attempt to smoke a cigarette in "Fire Dogs 2" is very unpleasant, unfunny, predictable and extremely cringe-worthy to watch.
  4. He's also pretty pointless and has no purpose for the show whatsoever. You could replace Stimpy with someone else and nothing would change in the slightest, making him bland at times.
  5. His character was also one of the biggest problems with the Adult Party Cartoon, which was a show that already contained many problems.
  6. Gross-out behavior: He and Ren are constant causes of making stomach-wrenching scenes, one of these examples including eating body fluids and living inside a drunk person's mouth while not seeming to care that much about it in "Onward and Upward".
  7. He, alongside Ren, went from being funny to being extremely unfunny, gross, vulgar, disturbing, perverted, and disgusting, even for his intended adult audience.
    • He can be considered to be an erotic pervert as well. He has partaken in Ren's awkwardly perverted antics towards sexualized women, and he even allows Ren to mistreat him violently and even sexually at times. As seen in "Altruists", there is an infamously controversial scene where he begs Ren to practically have sexual intercourse with him by sawing a log on his very tush. This is extremely disgusting to watch; it reaches the point of "eye-bleach" territory.
    • We even get to see Stimpy in a thong in "Naked Beach Frenzy", which is incredibly cringeworthy and unfunny. Ren mercifully cuts the scene short by extending the thong, releasing it, and having Stimpy fly away.
  8. In both the episodes "Altruists" and "Stimpy’s Pregnant", Stimpy is somehow shown to be able to reproduce like a female despite being a male cat (which again, as mentioned before in WHS #11, makes absolutely zero sense, even by Ren & Stimpy standards), this unambiguously gives out the unfortunate implication that Stimpy himself is a transgender in this show, a stark contrast to the original show where Stimpy is confirmed to be fully male just like Ren, which can be offensive and insensitive to transgender people and their identity struggles in real life.
    • In "Altruists", when Stimpy pretends to be a female duck, a duck has sex with him, and he, for some reason, gives birth to three duck and cat hybrids that look incredibly ugly, which makes no sense even by Ren & Stimpy standards because not only that cat and duck DNA are too different to make hybrids possible, and besides it is impossible to automatically change gender to the opposite sex from cross-dressing.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. They have had their moments of being a little entertaining, though not as much as in the original show. An example would be Ren dancing while Stimpy plays the flute in "Fire Dogs 2".
  2. Both of them are much better, funnier, and more tolerable characters in the original Nickelodeon series and have massively redeemed themselves since the series ended.
  3. Because of all of their flanderized reasons mentioned above, they were made to be hated in Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon.

Ren Höek

  1. John Kricfalusi still does a good job voicing him since he is the one who voiced that character before.
  2. While incredibly rare, he does still have his kinder moments with Stimpy, most notably at the end of "Stimpy's Pregnant".


  1. He is a bit likable and the most tolerable of the main duo.
  2. He's still the nicest character on the show, especially compared to Ren.
  3. Eric Bauza's performance as Stimpy is pretty good (when he's not crying at least) and sounds pretty close to Billy West's portrayal of Stimpy in the original series.
    • Some nice quotes and one-liners because of Eric Bauza's good performance:
      • "SHAMPOO MASTER!!!"
      • "A stooge question, RRRRenwick."
      • "Dr Stupid! Who else??"



  • While John Kricfalusi reprised his role as Ren Höek in Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon for the first time since the original Ren & Stimpy's first two seasons, however, Billy West declined to reprise his role as Stimpy in the said show, claiming that Adult Party Cartoon was "not funny" and doing so would damage his career, hence Eric Bauza instead replaced West as the voice of Stimpy in Adult Party Cartoon.


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