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Onii-Sama, Who cares, Dammit

Reika Shindai (神代 玲花 Shindai Reika) is a member of the Southern Base-branch of the Sword of Logos, who acts as an assistant and personal enforcer of the organization's leader, Master Logos. Due to the growing threats against the organization, she is put on active duty and transforms into Kamen Rider Sabela (仮面ライダーサーベラ Kamen Raidā Sābera) to fight against Touma Kamiyama and his team until Master Logos revealed his true colors and intentions, leading to Reika and her brother to fight against her former leader.

Why She Sucks

  1. As initially introduced as Master Logos' Messenger and Assistant, she barely stays in-tact with the main riders and she was a very useless assistant as well, and what's worse is it could make you wonder if She's even a reliable assistant, as she's mostly but a slacker in her initial appearances.
  2. She Kidnapped Sophia and what's even worse is she slapped her, for asking the northern base's status if they are still active or whether they disbanded due to several conflicts that has happened.
  3. She takes her relationship with her brother (Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal), extremely too far, and she never even stands up to her brother once she is extremely blinded by her admiration towards Ryoga that not even one time She stood up to him proving that she could fight without being treated like a stray dog or a worthless subordinate, even at redemption Reika doesn't have the backbone to stand up towards his big brother, proving that she could fight independently.
  4. She is a female version of Troy Burrows as she is mostly emotionless and only makes a move whether her superior wants to fulfill his goals, for his brother's satisfaction, or if she has the nerve to exterminate someone.
  5. She is a mirrored rip-off of White Woz/Kamen Rider Woz I as she would go too far just to physically and mentally sabotage someone for the sake of either his superior, and what worse is that she even would go too far as putting their life at stake, and what's worse is that at like White Woz She thinks that she's very worthless in her civilian state, She doesn't even tend to sabotage the scene whether Touma alone or with his allies is interfering with Master Logos' plans.
  6. Her debut and first fight as a rider was extremely underwhelming and all she ever did was talk about Master Logos, and that the only person who could fulfill his desires with ease is her.
  7. Her transformation sequence is really disturbing and unappealing, and what's worse is she just turns into a black silhouette when her clothes get removed in the middle of the sequence, it is noticeable that her melons are showing, which could be inappropriate for younger audiences.
  8. Her Redemption is extremely flat and basically just came out of nowhere, and even at redemption she still retains her bland, cliched, mary-sue like personality.
  9. Reika is by far the worst female rider to exist in the whole Kamen Rider franchise and the worst saber character in the show itself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her suit design is very pleasant to look at.
  2. She started to question whether if she should still believe in Master Logos after knowing the "rumor" that he has been working with Storious, when the assumed rumor was indeed true that led to ultimately betraying Master Logos
  3. Angela Mei, an actress as well as a model, gamer, anime-lover and cosplayer, portrays the character very well and is very appealing to look at.
Reika as Sabela


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