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"Why are you speaking during class? Go to the principal's office now!"
Gender: Female
Type: Mean-spirited Teacher
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Ferina Arriyani
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Titan Academy

Regna, also known as Miss Regna or Mrs. Regna, is a major recurring character in the Titan Academy series.

Why She (Intentionally) Sucks

  1. Compared to most teachers in Titan Academy, she is by far the most cruel to her students, as stated below.
  2. She gives out rules/punishments in school that are either to strict or unfair as they mostly involve the students getting punished/stressed out on a lot of situations.
    • In "19 Types of Students at the School Lunch", she and alan reduced the lunch time to 45 minutes to 15 minutes due to a food fight. This is unfair as not everybody can finish their food that quickly.
    • In "13 Types of Punishments We Hate in School" she gave most of her students unfair punishments over small things such as making them peel over 300 potatoes with a spoon, forcing them to hold as many books, and making them stand outside. The absolute worst part is that she shaved off Cleverly's hair off and then expelled him. Because of this, Cleverly was never seen in the series again (other than being mentioned)
    • In "17 Teachers You'll Meet in Every School" when Mr. Mabuhay was bonding his students in a friendly way, she decided to dismiss him and then decided to extend the class further to 3PM due to the upcoming exam.
  3. She barely shows any love and care for her students as she seems to want her students to get stressed out on a lot of situations. first off, stress can be bad for you health as it can lead to a lot of mental problems. however rather than giving them thing that the students need, she decided to make there situation worse
  4. She also can be considered a Mary Sue as she wants all of her students to be perfect with no flaws.
  5. Watching her cruel behavior to her students is not only mean-spirited by also disturbing and sadistic.
  6. She barely gets any comeuppance from her actions, making her come off as a Karma Houdini.

Redeeming qualities

  1. Her strict behavior could be justified as her students mostly started the conflict.
  2. She was possibly made to be disliked because of her personality.


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