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    Regina Lawson (Dhar Mann)

    Regina Lawson
    You thought Kathy Miller was the only bad mother in Dhar Mann? Think again.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Awful Parent
    Age: 45
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Shaunte Massard
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dhar Mann

    Regina Lawson is a recurring character in the Dhar Mann video series, who usually appears along with her son Jay in certain videos.

    So You See, This is Why She's Intentionally a Bad Parent

    1. She is a re-hash of Kathy Miller, as she is also an awful parent who treats her son, Jay horribly, similarly to how Kathy treats her son, Mikey.
      • Additionally, she often tends to refer to Jay as "That boy", thus treating him like he isn't even her son, which further proves that she isn't a good parent to Jay at all.
    2. Similarly to her husband, as for her way of discipline, instead of giving out normal punishments, she instead creates these bizarre and nonsensical scenarios to teach Jay a lesson. A few of them are shown below.
      • Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER: Hiring a fake kidnapper to kidnap Jay, which she did to teach Jay about reverse psychology. This is considered to be her worst idea ever, as Jay actually got kidnapped by a real kidnapper thanks to this, which could have scarred him for life because of her. To top it off, she has the nerve to get mad at Jay for trying to use reverse psychology on her.
        • In real life, she would have been arrested or have her children taken away for child abuse and for being a part of the kidnapping crime (considering she planned it).
      • KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT: Gives Jay a Red Bull to keep him awake all night, which results in him being sleep deprived when he goes to school the next day (in fact he drank multiple of them, during the montage).
      • Mom Sends BAD KID To MILITARY SCHOOL: Sends Jay to military school after he puts hot sauce on her boyfriend's cheesecake. The experience ends up scarring Jay for life after Sergeant Stokes abused him in various ways.
      • Kid Becomes A GROWN UP For 24 HOURS: Forcing Jay to go to work with her at the hospital, after he said he would rather work instead of going to school, despite the fact that Jay is underaged to have a job.
      • Mischief Mikeyː Mikey Makes a Plane Landː Dumping her son in juvie because she "got tired" of him, despite Mischief Mikey being in a separate universe
    3. She abuses her son, Jay in certain videos as well, and treats him like a Butt-Monkey. In "Kid FLATTENS MOM'S TIRE To SKIP TEST", Jay flinches when his mom yells at him, thus heavily implying that she likely abused him.
      • Kid WON'T LISTEN To His MOTHER: Allowing her son to get kidnapped, in which she and her older son planned this out. And also attacking Jay with a shoe at the end of the video after Jay takes the cookie jar.
      • KID STEALS Tickets At FUN CENTER: Strangling her son by the neck, after catching Jay and Mikey cheat at the fun center contest. What is the big deal, it's a BIRTHDAY PARTY.
        • Realistically someone at the party would call her out, stop her or even called the police for strangling her son, not laughing at her son for being strangled.
      • In 11-Year-Old ARRESTED At SCHOOL she yelled at her husband for involving Jay in a hostage situation, when there was a shooting at a restaurant and Jay was with his dad at the time, she yelled at BOTH of them for letting Jay get involved.
        • While it isn't explicitly stated, it is implied that she divorced her husband after this, as he isn't seen in any episodes following and she is seen with other men. This shows she is a cheater as well.
        • In addition, it is implied she prevents him from seeing his dad as in Kid Left Home Alone on Christmas she hires a babysitter to look after Jay while she and her new husband go on their honeymoon rather than sending him to stay with his dad.
      • KID WON'T Go To SLEEP AT NIGHT: As mentioned, she gave her son Jay a Red Bull, to keep him awake all night, which is dangerous since they can cause symptoms such as restlessness, tremors, palpitations, nervousness, irregular heart rhythms and other life-threatening heart-rhythm changes. Meaning she basically gave him a drink that could risk his life in later years.
      • Kid Becomes A GROWN UP For 24 HOURS: Forcing Jay to work with her at the hospital despite him being underaged, allowing him to almost be assaulted by a patient that is a possible psychopath, and selling all of Jay's things and giving him a horrible life.
      • Despite never appearing in "Mischief Mikey", she gets mentioned by Jay in the third episode in which the reason why Jay is sent to prison is because "her mother got tired of him", meaning she likely falsely called the cops on Jay and got him arrested.
    4. Hypocrisy: She teaches some life lessons to Jay about certain distasteful things, and also gets mad at Jay for not listening to her, yet she also does distasteful things herself to her son and others.
      • Additionally, in the first episode of the Season 2 of " Jay's World", she calls out the boys for driving her car without a license and being minors, even though the whole plan was the parents who started it all.
    5. Favoritism: While she abuses Jay, she shows favoritism towards her other two sons, Issac and Grant.
    6. Her catchphrase, "Absolutely, NOT!" is very annoying and repetitive.
    7. Of course, like Kathy Miller, she is an extremely bad role model for parents who watch Dhar Mann as she teaches them to give children scenario punishments and act mean-spirited.
    8. Much like Kathy Miller, unlike Jay, it appears she'll most likely receive no character development or even fully decent moments since she remains the exact same and has even gotten somewhat worse and exaggerated over time.
    9. She is also a Karma Houdini as she barely gets called out on or received any consequences for her hypocrisy, awful discipline, abusing, and/or mean-spirited behavior.
    10. She got flanderized in the Jay & Mikey series, where she is even more unlikable and abusive than before.
      • During the beginning of episode 3, she is shown to tell Jay to "get a job", yet Jay is underaged to get a job.
      • Her parenting just got a whole lot worse, as she makes her son a slave for other people expecting Jay to not get paid for walking other people's dogs.
        • In fact, Jay is shown to not be able to handle dogs and in previous episodes and videos where Jay is shown, no dog is present.
      • In fact, she even shows a evil smirk on her face in that scene where she doesn't allow Jay to not get paid for walking other people's dogs.
      • In episode 4, she is shown to be against Jewish people and their beliefs and also calls Jay wicked for no reason whatsoever.
      • In episode 7, she along with Kathy Miller, rob Noah's dad's store, to teach their sons a lesson. In fact she gets away with this behavior.
        • In fact she is also seen to refuse her son bathroom breaks when he clearly needs it. If her son suddenly has stomach issues, he needs to go to the bathroom or else he will end up having diarrhea. Even worse, she is likely going to punish her son for doing this as well considering her abusive behavior towards Jay.
      • In Season 2, she has been made even dumber and irritating, as in the first episode, she gave at the boys her credit card, and left her car keys to be unattended just to give Jay a lesson of being a adult for a entire day.
      • In the second episode, she stupidly leaves her house keys behind.
        • At the fourth episode, when Jay does bad things, she says, "Are you sure you're really my son?", meaning she wants Jay to be bad instead of being good.
    11. Her flanderization got even worse in the Season 2 of "Mischief Mikey".
      • In the first episode, she falsely accuses Mikey of being the murderer, and then later on in the episode, she forces Jay to fight Mikey in a boxing match, which results in Mikey having a black eye. This could also be seen as ironic, as Jay is Mikey's best friend and they would NEVER do something like that.
      • In the third episode, she insists that her son, Mikey, and Noah should have their lessons tattooed on their body, when they are too young to get tattoos.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She is likable in only 3 videos, such as:
      • "Kid Is Left HOME ALONE On CHRISTMAS".
      • "14-Year-Old WON'T LISTEN To His MOM, He Instantly Regrets It" (for the most part).
    2. She does have a point when she tells her son to be good, but because of her hypocrisy and overall mean-spirited behavior, it fails.
    3. Most of her punishments towards Jay actually seem fair in a way, including:
      1. KID FAKES Broken Arm To SKIP TEST ft. @Lethal Shooter: Grounding Jay for faking a arm injury to get out of a school exam.
      2. KIDS RUIN Mom's JOB INTERVIEW: Grounding Jay for ruining Kathy's interview.
    4. Shanunte Massard does a great job with her role, despite overacting at times.
    5. She had a good reason to yell at Jay in "Kid FLATTENS MOM'S TIRE To SKIP TEST" after what he did.
    6. Because of her constant mistreatment towards Jay, she is likely meant to be hated.
    7. Despite being a Karma Houdini most of the time, she finally got a taste of medicine in Jay's World, in the episode "14-YEAR-OLD Is Forced To BECOME A DAD", she gets her mouth torched from the ghost pepper sauce that Jay put in her spaghetti that Jay made, she deserves this for abusing Jay all the time.
      1. Additionally, in "KIDS BATTLE Moms in A TRAMPOLINE PARK", she did get comeuppance in a way by getting slimed alongside Kathy Miller for pranking Jay and Mikey during the trampoline park competition, even still getting slime stuck in her hair after the incident.


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