Reggie (Free Birds)

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Reggie (Free Birds)
"I'm not going to mess it up. Turkeys are dumb. Really dumb."
Gender: Male
Type: Annoying and Lazy Cowardly Turkey
Species: Turkey
Portrayed by: Owen Wilson
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Free Birds

Reggie is the main hero of Free Birds. He is a domesticated turkey who is pardoned by the President of the United States and is dragged into Jake's plot. He's also Jake's best friend, Jenny's love interest/boyfriend, Ranger's brother-in-law, and Broadbeak's son-in-law.

Why He Used To Suck

  1. During the film, he was shown as an unlikeable and annoying protagonist here and there to the point where he makes Jake a much better protagonist by comparison.
  2. He was extremely lazy since he became a pardoned turkey, as all he does is watch Mexican telenovelas on TV and wasting the President's money on pizza from the Pizza delivery guy which he quickly knows how to order despite him not being able to talk to humans and doesn’t know what a TV was 5 minutes ago before he switched to numerous TV channels.
  3. He treated the President like dirt by stealing his bathrobe, bunny slippers, money, both his daughter's bed and television, his TV remote, doorknob, and even the time machine named Steve from the government’s secret base (along with Jake) making them his own.
  4. He's shown to be a huge jerk to some characters, especially Jake as after Chief Broadbeak's death, He refused to let Jake come with him in the time machine (S.T.E.V.E) back into the present. He also said if Jake was smart enough, then he would come with him when it's actually the other way around (sort of) while it's understandable since Jake was responsible for the hunters leading right to the turkey's colony caused by the trail of gunpowder from Myles' horn that he stole, nearly causing damage to the hiding place and capturing almost all of the turkeys.
  5. Because of his actions, he seems to be more of an enemy rather than a friend as his behavior towards Jake makes him such a selfish turkey that could've given other bad animated film protagonists like Norm, Gene Meh and Surly Squirrel a run for their money.
  6. He must've stolen a lot of elements from good films such as Chicken Run, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Open Season, Rio, Back to the Future, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
    • On top of that, he's also a ripoff of Ginger from Chicken Run, Marty McFly from the Back to the Future trilogy, Elliot from Open Season, Blu from Rio, Kuzco from the Emperor’s New Groove franchise, and both Ash Fox and Kristofferson Sliverfox from Fantastic Mr. Fox. Only far less likable and much more rude, annoying, lazier, and egotistical.
  7. The infamous scene where he gets a nut bolt in his eye by Jake, causing the Hazmat guys to notice the turkeys.
  8. Reggie somehow being revealed as the Great Turkey by Steve and giving the president's doorknob to Young Jake, despite Jake already knowing that he saw the Great Turkey and having the President's doorknob, which by the way, was already on his door when Jake kidnapped Reggie, which is very confusing.
  9. He's a huge coward as he doesn't want to go on Jake's mission and wanted to stay at Camp David and watch TV and eat pizza.
  10. He wants to fight for turkey freedom just because he wants Jenny's dream to come true and thinks that it is the only reason he decided to save the turkeys, not because the turkeys being killed, not because he's trying to save the future, not because of the baby bird, and not because he wants to help Jake, but because of Jenny, making him a simp.
  11. As being a hero in the film, he has no purpose whatsoever. he has been a total outcast and simply becomes accepted by the turkeys of 1621.
  12. He has the pointless "Butt-Monkey" role as the way he got treated badly by the farm turkeys from the beginning of the movie and Jake is just generic and cliched, because Reggie is just an annoying and lazy Know-It-All who cares about being pardoned by the president.
  13. He's shown to be a hypocrite as well as he claims to be a vegan turkey who dislikes turkeys being turned into food, yet he likes eating pizza in which its ingredients (mostly toppings) are made from animals although he has been shown eating a meat-free pizza slice.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sure, he may be unlikable, but at least he wasn’t always unlikable during the film. Since he was at least a tolerable character at the beginning of the movie since he tried to warn the other turkeys about the truth about Thanksgiving. Also, he did redeem himself at the end of the film.
  2. The reason for his very cruel behavior is that he lived and grew up on a farm where the red turkeys bullied him just because he has a blue head and is way smarter than the red turkeys.
  3. He does care for his girlfriend, Jenny (despite being the only reason he wants to fight for turkey freedom).
  4. His design is passable (depends on your opinion).
  5. Owen Wilson did a good job voicing him.


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