Rebecca (Thomas & Friends)

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Rebecca (Thomas & Friends)
Mattel, stop creating pointless characters to replace the original ones.
Gender: Female
Type: Useless Engine that was responsible for the death of the original series
Species: Train
Portrayed by: Rachael Miller
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Thomas & Friends'

Rebecca is one of the new main characters introduced in Seasons 22-24 of Thomas & Friends. She was created to replace Henry on the steam team. Like with Nia, she wasn't well received by fans and critics of Thomas and Friends. She is based off the BR/SR Battle of Britain/West county/Merchant Navy Class locomotives.

Why She Sucks

  1. Like Nia, she is a filler character who serves absolutely no purpose other than replacing Henry in the Steam Team and to add gender diversity to the show.
  2. Her personality is annoying, uninteresting, and bland, as she is the typical "Happy-Go-Lucky" type similar to Coconut Fred and Seasons 6 & 7 SpongeBob.
  3. Her voice can be annoying to some.
    • Her catchphrase is "Yay me!" which is shared with Coconut Fred and it's really cringe-worthy.
  4. Unlike Nia, who had a whole special to introduce her, Rebecca literally comes out of nowhere with no explanation or backstory. Her introduction is also very rushed.
    • Also like Nia, there is no explanation as to why she lives at Tidmouth Sheds.
  5. Also like Nia, her reason as to why she replaced Henry in the main cast gets very confusing. Some websites say that she was added in since the series faced years of criticism for lacking female characters, while the Thomas & Friends Fandom site says that she was put in to fix the gender imbalance at Tidmouth Sheds.
  6. She is also a Karma Houdini in "Chucklesome Trucks" she completely gets off scot free even though she got Thomas, Percy and James into accidents worse still Sir Topham Hatt actually praised her for getting her trucks delivered on time despite what she did.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her design is good, as it makes her stand out from the other engines due to her streamlined appearance and cool paint job.
    • On top of that, her yellow paint does suit her cheerful and happy personality.
  2. She's very friendly towards other engines.
  3. Despite her clichéd personality, there are some episodes where she is genuinely likable.
    • In "Apology Impossible", for example, she was actually tolerable as she was quite calm over getting stuck behind the other engines and wasn't even annoying at all.
    • In "Thomas' Animal Friends", the final episode of the series, she actually cheers Thomas up and tells him not to let anyone make fun of him for the things he likes.


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