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    Rebecca (Thomas & Friends)

    Rebecca the Happy Engine
    The Sophie Gray of the Thomas & Friends franchise.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Useless Engine that was responsible for the death of the original series
    Species: Train
    Portrayed by: Rachael Miller
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Thomas & Friends
    First appearance: Confusion Without Delay
    Last appearance: Thomas' Animal Friends

    Rebecca is one of the new main characters introduced in the Big World! Big Adventures! era (seasons 22-24) of Thomas & Friends. She was created to replace Henry on the steam team. Like with Nia, she wasn't well received by fans and critics of Thomas and Friends. She is a big yellow tender engine who lives and works on the Island of Sodor, and is the North Western Railway's number 22 engine. Rebecca works on the Main Line and usually either pulls the Express, a duty which she shares with Gordon, or otherwise performs mixed-traffic duties.

    She is based on the BR/SR Battle of Britain/West County/Merchant Navy Class locomotives and was voiced by Rachael Miller.


    Rebecca first arrived on the Island of Sodor after Henry moved out of Tidmouth Sheds and Sir Topham Hatt wanted another engine to help with Gordon and the Express, though she arrived a day earlier than what Sir Topham Hatt expected and nearly bumped him and Winston off the rails when she tried to stop at Knapford. Her first job was to pull the express, though she caused a small mishap when she accidentally collected Flying Scotsman's passengers at Vicarstown early. After hearing how the other engines of the Steam Team mention how fast and strong they are, Rebecca decided that she would leave the stations early to prove how she can get things done fast. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of confusion and the passengers got angry. Sir Topham Hatt scolded her at the end of her first day about what was happening, and Rebecca apologized for what she did, making up for it and even surprising the Flying Scotsman.

    Rebecca met Belle, Marion and Harvey and complimented them on their respective special features (Belle's water cannons, Marion's digger and Harvey's crane), only to feel as if she was not special due to not having one. After hearing Duck mention that the crew at the Sodor Steamworks "can do anything", Rebecca went there to get the features fitted on her, but to no avail. Thomas and Marion helped Rebecca realize that complimenting others and making them feel good about themselves is her special quality.

    When Sir Topham Hatt arrived asking for an engine to take the Troublesome Trucks, Thomas, James and Percy placed the special's responsibilities on Rebecca, leaving the entire Steam Team concerned about their tricks. Contrary to expectations, she pulled them just fine, leaving the trucks confused and Thomas, James and Percy in their own predicaments. She arrived back at Tidmouth Sheds almost bumping Sir Topham off the rails.

    In an attempt to get the other diesels into trouble for a change, Diesel had Rebecca do their jobs improperly. Unfortunately, he did not count on her honesty, and he was punished by Sir Topham Hatt.

    During a practice emergency drill, Rebecca went to get Rocky. However, she ended up in an accident with James and Percy - who were also going to get Rocky - on the way.


    Despite her large size, Rebecca is shy and sometimes clumsy, but not afraid to stand up for herself and is not intimidated by the older engines. At times, she feels the need to be on the same level as the other engines, which can make her anxious or overhasty. But despite her insecurities, Rebecca loves to see the best in everyone, and all her friends appreciate her kindness and enthusiasm. She also has the uncanny ability to work with Troublesome Trucks without trouble on the first try, something that confuses even the trucks themselves. Because Rebecca is so willing to see the good in others, she can occasionally be gullible (as shown when she fell for one of Diesel's tricks) but she is also very honest, willing to tell the truth if needed. Rebecca has a big heart and is usually happy-go-lucky and cheerful. Unlike Gordon at times, Rebecca acts very humbly whenever she causes a mishap.

    Why She Deserves to Be Exiled from Tidmouth Sheds

    1. Like Nia, she is a filler character who serves no purpose other than replacing Henry in the Steam Team and adding gender diversity to the show.
    2. Although she's very friendly towards other engines her personality is annoying, uninteresting, and bland as she is the "happy-go-lucky" stereotype, similar to Coconut Fred and SpongeBob during his flanderization in Seasons 6b and 7.
    3. Her voice, while okay, can be annoying to some.
      • Her catchphrase is "Yay me!", which is shared with Coconut Fred; it's cringe-worthy.
    4. Unlike Nia, who had a whole special to introduce her, Rebecca comes out of nowhere with no explanation or backstory whatsoever, like all of the new characters in the Bob the Builder reboot. Her introduction is also very rushed.
      • Also, like Nia, there is no explanation as to why she lives at Tidmouth Sheds.
    5. Once again, just like Nia, her reason as to why she replaced Henry in the main cast gets very confusing and disappointing. Some websites say that she was added in since the series faced years of criticism for lacking female characters, while the Thomas & Friends fandom site says that she was put in to fix the gender imbalance at Tidmouth Sheds.
    6. She is also a Karma Houdini in "Chucklesome Trucks", where she completely gets off scot-free even though she got Thomas, Percy, and James into accidents. Worse still, the Fat Controller actually praised her for getting her trucks delivered on time despite what she did.

    Happy/"Yay me!" Qualities

    1. Her design is good as it makes her stand out from the other engines due to her streamlined appearance and cool paint job.
      • In fact, this is probably one of the only reasons why some Thomas & Friends fans root for her.
      • On top of that, her yellow paint does suit her cheerful and happy personality.
    2. While she is still a bland and a clichéd character combined, she's at least a pretty friendly character since she means well and mostly has good/great intentions, especially with the one great fact that she cares about her friends, especially with Thomas and his own friends.
      • Despite her clichéd personality, there are several episodes where she is genuinely likable:
      • In "Apology Impossible", for example, she was tolerable as she was quite calm over getting stuck behind the other engines and wasn't even annoying at all.
      • In "Thomas' Animal Friends", the series finale, she cheers Thomas up and tells him not to let anyone make fun of him for the things he likes.
    3. Despite the flaws, Rachael Miller did an okay job voicing her.


    • Before landing on Rebecca as a name, the production team had also considered the names Miranda and Charlotte.
      • The name Charlotte may have been inspired by Sam Wilkinson's former partner.
    • An official Thomas & Friends magazine incorrectly states that Thomas meets Rebecca on the Mainland in Big World! Big Adventures! This idea was most likely dropped during production.
    • She is the third character numbered 22, the first two being Isobella and Luke. Her number is a reference to the series she was introduced in.
    • Rebecca is the third engine to have NWR lettering painted on her, with Emma being the first and Rosie as the second.
    • Rebecca is the only member of the Steam Team of a few things:
      • The only member of the Steam Team to not appear in any of the feature-length specials of the series since they all take place before she arrived on Sodor.
      • The only member of the Steam Team to have NWR lettering.
      • The only member of both the original and reformed Steam Team not to have appeared in the 2021 reboot, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go.
      • The only member to not have their own song dedicated to them.
    • Rebecca, along with Henry, are also the only members of the original and reformed Steam Team to never be seen pulling Annie and Clarabel.
    • Rebecca is the newest, second youngest by built date of her basis, and second-fastest member of the Steam Team, with Gordon being the fastest and strongest. Despite this, she is visually taller, wider, and longer than him.
    • Her basis appears in some episodes before she was introduced, such as in the ninth series episodes "Mighty Mac" and "Thomas and the Birthday Picnic".
    • Rebecca shares her name with Hilary Fortnam's granddaughter. Fortnam was the youngest daughter of The Railway Series creator Wilbert Awdry.
    • Rebecca was the third female steam engine to be painted yellow, the other two being Molly and Flora.
    • She is the only Steam Team tender engine to have glass on her cab's side windows (Edward, Henry, and Gordon had window frames without glass while James and Emily had cutouts on the side of their cabs).


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