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    Ray Manchester/Captain Man (Henry Danger, seasons 1-3)

    Ray Manchester/Captain Man (Henry Danger, seasons 1-3)
    Ray (41).jpg
    Captain Man.png
    Captain Man Animated.png
    "I'm okay!" WE GET IT!!!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bratty, Immature, & Unlikable Superhero
    Age: 39
    Portrayed by: Cooper Barnes (adult)
    Colby Severance and Kale Culley (8-year-old)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Henry Danger
    Danger Force
    First appearance: The Danger Begins

    Raymond "Ray" Manchester, also known as the superhero Captain Man, is the deuteragonist in Henry Danger. He is Swellview's savior and guardian of the city, having saved the day many times. But as he grew older, he realized his job started to become "a lot to handle alone" and he "needed a sidekick". Therefore, he hired Henry Hart to be his sidekick, "Kid Danger", and they have been fighting crime together ever since. He is played by Cooper Barnes.

    Why He Wasn't Okay

    1. Being a superhero, he's supposed to save Swellview by fighting crime, but ends up destroying the city by fighting crime; people still love him and Kid Danger. How are we supposed to think that he's a hero?
    2. His catchphrase, "I'm okay!", can get on your nerves as he says it in almost every episode. WE GET IT! YOU'RE INDESTRUCTIBLE!
    3. His screaming is really irritating.
    4. He is very selfish, egotistical, immature, and cannot handle not getting his way.
    5. His superhero persona, Captain Man, is pretty generic.
    6. Sometimes, he could care less about Henry, such as when he fired him just because Charlotte found out that he was Kid Danger.
    7. He doesn't have a believable friendship with Schwoz as they both treat each other harshly, argue a lot, and make fun of each other.
    8. Just because he thought the densitizer that made him indestructible wasn't going to work on Henry, he lied to him about the machine being destroyed; he tried to make Schwoz lie about it too.
    9. Although it is understandable because Jasper can be annoying at times, Ray is just really mean to him.
    10. Even after getting character development in seasons 4-5, he became unlikable again in The Adventures of Kid Danger and still has his original personality at times in the original series.
    11. Cooper Barnes did not do a good job voicing him in The Adventures of Kid Danger.
    12. His reason for hating celery is really laughable and arbitrary. He hates it because he thinks it ruined tuna salad.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He massively improved in the last two seasons and Danger Force.
    2. Cooper Barnes does a good job portraying him in the original series.
    3. His Captain Man costume looks decent.
    4. He is likeable in Henry Danger Motion Comic.
      • Also, Cooper Barnes made a good job to voice him than The Adventures of Kid Danger.
    5. There are times where he got his comeuppance, like in the infamous "Christmas Danger", when he got arrested for breaking a "wear hairnet when serving food" rule.
    6. He has his funny moments at times.
    7. Deep down inside, he does care about Henry.
    8. His crush on Kris Hart is pretty cute.


    • In an audition tape for Henry Danger, Captain Man's name was originally going to be called Galaxy Glen.
    • He hits on a lot of women.
    • If you look closely at Ray's left cheek, you'll see a faint scar from the fight that took place in "Tears of the Jolly Beetle" where his face was cut. This is most noticeable during the card game scene in "Spoiler Alert" but is also visible in other episodes throughout the series.
    • Henry, Charlotte, Jasper, Piper, Gooch, Schwoz, Bork, Boris, Laylani, Ray's father Carl, Winnie, Gwen, Drex, Babe Carano, Kenzie Bell, Hudson Gimble, Triple G, Brad Belcher, and Rick Twitler (formerly) are the only people who know that Ray is Captain Man.
    • He doesn't seem to really like his father.
    • As revealed in "Danger and Thunder", Captain Man knew Hank Thunderman (also known as the Superhero "Thunder Man"). However, their actual relationship is never revealed.
    • He hates celery because he thinks it ruins tuna salad.
    • He has a crush on Kris Hart.


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