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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Graphic imagery, dark themes, domestic abuse, swearing, and the list goes on

    Rasputia Latimore
    "How YOU doin'!?"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Wrathful Narcissist
    Portrayed by: Eddie Murphy
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Norbit

    Rasputia Latimore is the main antagonist of the infamous 2007 romantic comedy film Norbit. She is the ex-wife of the film's titular protagonist and is portrayed by Eddie Murphy.

    Why She Is Intentionally the Queen of Whores

    1. She is extremely abusive towards her husband and protagonist, Norbit, even over things that are not a big deal.
      • Out of spite and jealousy towards Kate, Norbit's childhood friend, Rasputia intentionally knocked over one of the music speakers on Norbit's head, which results in Norbit getting a concussion and being placed in the hospital.
    2. She is promiscuous, as she cheats on Norbit multiple times throughout their marriage and is shameless with her adultery.
    3. She is lazy, as she never does anything in the house except watch television.
    4. She is a massive hypocrite, as she criticizes Norbit for kissing Kate despite the fact that Rasputia herself cheats on him on numerous occasions.
    5. She is a perpetual foulmouth, as she constantly curses in places where it is inappropriate to do so.
      • In fact, when she attempts to pursue Norbit for kissing Kate, only to realize that they left the church, she curses in said church.
    6. She runs over Floyd the dog with her car for constantly barking at her, which cripples him.
    7. She is capable of being manipulative, as she tricked Norbit into believing that she is pregnant in order to prevent Norbit from leaving her after she injures Floyd.
    8. She is a compulsive liar as she lied to Norbit about being pregnant and then in the water park, she also lied about her weight by claiming she was 165 cm tall when the lifeguard reminded her of the weight limit for one of the water slides almost breaking the slide.
    9. During her early years of married life, she had a bad habit of constantly throwing herself on Norbit when the latter is on the bed, ignoring her large size. While what she does is for romantic affection, however, her large size causes her action to be incredibly painful for Norbit, though it is supposed to be played for laughs.
    10. She in fact very rude to people like when she was going to dive in the pool.
    11. Not only is Rasputia violent towards Norbit, but she also has no problem physically attacking children.
      • For example, when little kids stole her hat and took it to a bouncy house, she uses her weight on the bouncy house to launch kids up in the air.
      • One of them hit her head as a result of the impact.
    12. She is seen as a negative stereotype of sassy black women, which can be still considered racist and offensive. In fact, she is so racially offensive that she even makes Mammy Two-Shoes from Tom and Jerry (another heavyset, middle-aged African-American woman similar to her) look like an African-American racial rights activist in comparison.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Eddie Murphy did a fine job portraying her character.
    2. Despite being despicable, she has provided several funny moments in the film that everyone can enjoy (for the most part).
      • Given that she becomes the movie's titular comic-relief for "fat jokes"; scenes like this include when she jumps onto the bed to land on Norbit as a running gag, and Rasputia going down the waterside so fast she broke through a wooden fence putting a gapping hole through it and splashed all of the water out of the park with her great weight.
    3. Her iconic and humorous catchphrase "How YOU doin'?!"
      • She also has other funny lines such as:
        • “What y’all looking at? I ain’t had no cake.”
        • “"Kids", huh? So you wanna watch a bitch, coming down a slide? Well I'mma SHOW you how a BITCH, COMING down a SLIDE!!!”
        • “I don't weigh no damn, 300 pound! I weigh, 165! How YOU doin'!?”
        • “I'mma gonna show you how, a bitch goes down a slide.”
        • "WOOO! I'm, SLIDING! BITCHES!!”
        • "Then who....was eatin'......THE TURKEY ASS?!"
        • “Where the hell is Norbit with that whine cooler? Thirsty as hell.”
        • “Got a new storky; what a skinny, bitch, I see what you're trying to do.. I JUST what you're trying to do.”
        • “What are YOU looking at, Norbit?”
    4. She was much usually friendlier to Norbit when they were kids ever since she was a tough child who protected him from bullies with her brute strength.
      • It is likely that Rasputia's terrible behavior in adulthood was the result of her older brothers' influence, as she was solely raised by them after their parents died and became exposed to their thuggish lifestyle at a young age.
    5. She at least receives comeuppance for her abusive actions, such as when she flees away from Norbit's life once she got stung in the rear with a long harpoon used by Mr. Wong.
    6. Being the narcissistic and abusive villain that she is, she's clearly supposed to be hated as such.



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