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    Randall Weems
    Gender: Male
    Type: Miss Finster's Right-hand Boy
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ryan O'Donohue
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Recess
    First appearance: The Break In
    Last appearance: League of Randalls

    Randall Weems is the secondary antagonist of Disney's animated series Recess. He is the teacher's pet to Ms. Finster and is voiced by Ryan O'Donohue.

    Intentional Bad Qualities

    1. He is a snitch and tells on people for the littlest of things, mostly T.J. and his gang.
    2. He helps Ms. Finster get students in trouble for such small reasons, even for honest mistakes.
    3. He is shown to be proud of being a snitch throughout the show, and may only do it for a cookie but either way, it's still bad.
    4. While Randall loves to share unpleasant truths about other kids, he is not above occasional dishonesty. For example:
      • He once tried to hide his responsibility for starting a food fight.
      • He wrote a fake report that got T.J. in trouble for something he didn't do.
    5. He sometimes uses the threat of snitching to coerce others into getting what he wants.
      • He framed Spinelli for throwing a rock at him, when he hit himself in the head with a small rock all because Spinelli was rescuing Ms. Finster's cat.
    6. He once blackmailed King Bob into giving him control over the playground, and was a cruel leader.
    7. In "Stand Up Randall" he made jokes which weren't harmful at first, but quickly turned to target Mikey even fat shaming him.
    8. He lied to his parents about having friends.
      • He once fooled his dad into believing that he was friends with T.J. and his crew (while inventing false facts about them).

    Good Qualities

    1. He was somewhat likable in the Recess movie "School's Out" since he did help Ms. Finster and the other kids take down Dr. Benedict.
      • In "Randall's Reform", Randall admits to T.J. that despite his flaws, he wants to be just like him due to his popularity.
    2. He may be a jerk and a snitch, but he is not that bad deep down and he has moments of kindness.
      • Sometimes he helps T.J. and his gang, but only on rare occasions.
    3. He normally gets his comeuppance aside from when he snitches of course.
    4. His friendship with Ms. Finster is actually quite genuine, to the point that in "Randall's Reform" he gives up the chance to be popular so he can be friends with her again.
      • Randall also has a genuine respect and affection for Miss Finster, much to the point where he considers her his best friend. On numerous occasions, he was willing to stand by Muriel even when no one else did.
    5. He was likely supposed to be unlikable due to his bad deeds.


    • He resembles a human/lizard hybrid.
    • In the episodes "Randall's Reform" and "Randall's Friends", he reveals a desire to befriend T.J.'s gang. But he remains their adversary in the end.
    • In "The Breakup", he implies his previous "friends" did nothing but bully him.
    • Randall has a loving relationship with his parents, despite them being nosy snitches as well. His father in particular dotes on him, cooking his favorite breakfast on his birthday and getting Randall the night vision goggles he asked for.
    • Randall is a social outcast. This is particularly prominent in "First Name Ashley", where the Diggers and the Ashley Girls shut him out and Spinelli even breaks his tape recorder while he is trying to record his schoolmates' conversations.


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