Rachel Amber (Life Is Strange)

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Rachel Amber (Life Is Strange)
Rachel Amber.png
Chloe's Chloe.
Gender: Female
Type: Obnoxious Creator's Pet Ripped Off of Obnoxious Creator's Pet
Species: Human
Status: Dead
Media of Origin: Life Is Strange

Rachel Amber is a major character in Life Is Strange (although she never appears in person) and as the deuteragonist of Before the Storm.

Why She Sucks

  1. She's a creator's pet.
  2. She's basically a rip off of Chloe herself.
  3. Instead of finding out how Rachel got to know Frank and how she got kidnapped, her game revolves around some story regarding her mom.
  4. She's irritable and thinks the world revolves round her making it a mystery why she was "liked by everyone".
  5. She is a very bad girlfriend who frequently cheats on Chloe with Frank behind her back and that is only so she can get drugs.
  6. She impulsivity caused a huge forest fire because she learned her father was cheating on her mother. She never has any remorse for this.
  7. It also doesn't make sense that she's upset with her dad when its her mum that abandoned her.
    • In fact, Rachel's mother being a junkie who abandoned her family and had only been sober for one year, makes her father look reasonable for not wanting her back into her life.
    • She also goes as far as to say that her family's love isn't real because the mum isn't biologically related.
  8. She's so desperate to leave Arcadia Bay that she tries to manipulate Chloe and Frank into leaving with her.
  9. Nobody calls Rachel out on any of this except Elliot, who's supposed to be a possessive psycho, making it sound like the writers for the game wanted to tell us, "Oh you don't like Rachel? Well then you're no different from Elliot. And you don't want to be like Elliott, right?"


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