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Gender: Male
Type: Spoiled boy
Age: 9
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Carlos Villagrán
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: El Chavo del Ocho

Quico (also known as Kiko) is a character from the Mexican series El Chavo del Ocho, played by Carlos Villagrán during the years 1972 to 1978, when he left the cast. He is one of the main characters in both the original live-Action series and the 2006 cartoon. He is a spoiled rich boy, the son of a deceased sailor and a rude and proud lady who lives in a middle-class village and usually acts as the main antagonist for children (mainly El Chavo).

Malas Cualidades (Bad Qualities)

  1. Unlike Ñoño, Paty, Godínez and to a lesser extent Popis, who are great friends to Chavo, Quico is shown to be a bad friend to him and the other kids most of the time, bullying them and treating them like people who are poor and inferior to him and often wanting to cause envy with expensive toys and foods that are always bought by his mother, Doña Florinda.
  2. Whenever El Chavo appears playing with a simple and cheap toy (usually made by himself) Quico always appears showing off a bigger, better and more expensive toy for El Chavo, in order not only to want to cause envy in El Chavo, but also to make fun of his poverty.
  3. He is selfish and always forbids other children to play with his toys.
  4. He is extremely spoiled by his mother and always screams calling for her when someone tries to get revenge by hitting him or giving him a punishment.
  5. He is the main culprit for making his mother often accuse and slap Don Ramón, because whenever he calls his mother to defend him he never says who was to blame.
    • Whenever Doña Florinda slaps Don Ramón, Quico finishes the sequence by pushing Don Ramón with a punch, calling him of riffraff and showing his tongue to him, even when he knows that Don Ramón was not to blame for what happened.
    • There are some cases where Quico outright lies to his mother just so she would slap Don Ramón, like when Quico tripped on Ramón's camera (which had been accidentally dropped by Chavo) and accused Ramón of having purposely thrown the camera to make Quico trip and then fall into the ground. Another example was when Quico was playing with his cars on the ground, Ramón tripped on him, and Quico accused Ramón of stepping on him.
  6. While Carlos Villagrán does a great job portraying him, his voice can sometimes be very annoying, as he often screams in his tantrums, usually doing this in the ears of other characters. And his performance, while great, is also not as good as his acting in El Chapulín Colorado.
  7. In the episode in which Professor Jirafales wants to seek help to get back to his relationship with Doña Florinda, Quico refuses to help him unless Jirafales gives him the square ball he had promised to give him as a gift.
  8. He simply can't stop getting into fights with Chavo, Chilindrina and Ñoño, as he antagonizes them the most.
  9. He is also shown to disrespect other adults, not only Don Ramón, but also Señor Barriga and Doña Clotilde as well, often laughing at and making fun of the former's overweight and calling the latter a wicth, just like the other kids, and making mean comments about Clotilde's age.
  10. He's at his worst in the cartoon, having gone through flanderization just like all the other characters, becoming even more mean, spoiled and bratty than in the original series to the point that in some episodes he gets to be completely unlikeable.

Buenas Cualidades (Good Qualities)

  1. Quico sometimes proves to be a good friend to El Chavo, La Chilindrina and Ñoño in some episodes.
    • He at least shows to being kinder to his cousin Popis, and is also nicer towards Paty and Godínez.
  2. He is one of the most memorable and loved characters among El Chavo del Ocho fans, being as popular as El Chavo, Don Ramón and La Chilindrina.
  3. Many of his lines and moments are memorable, many of the fans even consider Quico funnier than El Chavo, besides being frequently used in internet memes in latin america.
  4. The moments when he receives karma are satisfactory, especially when he is punished by El Chavo.
  5. His design is also considered iconic, so much so that the character was also responsible for popularizing large toy balls.
  6. Carlos Villagrán does a fantastic performance as him, despite his voice getting annoying at times and his acting is not as great as in El Chapulín Colorado, as mentioned in BQ#6.
  7. His absence in the episodes after 1978 Due to a legal battle with Carlos and Roberto was one of the main reasons for the decline in the quality of the episodes in the 1980s, proving that without him the series was not be as great as it used to be with him in the cast.
  8. His original version of the live-action series is more enjoyable than his version of the cartoon.
  9. In the his spin-off series, as mediocre as it is, Quico changes his personality completely and becomes much more likeable.


  1. Quico was given big cheeks due to Carlos' ability to keep his cheeks inflated for a long amount of time, even when talking.
  2. Roberto Goméz Bolaños based Quico and his traits on a spoiled kid he met at a party for adults.


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