Puffy Fluffy

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Puffy Fluffy
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Puffy Fluffy.jpg
Don't let him fool you; he's anything but a pal for Gary, "puffy" or "fluffy".
Gender: Male
Type: Murderous Monster in disguise
Species: Nudibranch
Portrayed by: Dee Bradley Baker
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SpongeBob SquarePants

Puffy Fluffy is the main antagonist of "A Pal For Gary", a very infamous Season 7 episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Why He's Intentionally No Pal of Ours

  1. He only existed in this episode as a pet for SpongeBob to buy because he felt that Gary was "lonely" at home while working at the Krusty Krab when the snail was actually having the time of his life before being introduced to Puffy Fluffy.
    • What also makes him pointless is that SpongeBob already had a pet scallop, so it means that Gary was technically home with someone already.
  2. He seems to enjoy attempting to devour Gary when SpongeBob isn't around. He also somewhat frames him because of SpongeBob's obnoxious delusions and sheer idiocy.
  3. He also loves devouring any kind of animal besides his own species, the nudibranch family of consuming sea slugs as seen when SpongeBob adopted him.
  4. He is purely toxic inside and outside of his appearance. While he might be cute at first, when SpongeBob (or anyone else) isn't around, he turns into a vicious monster who shouldn't be trusted at all.
  5. Speaking of his monster form, when he was in said form, he wrecked SpongeBob's entire house.
    • Also, it looks way too off-putting and nightmarish (like some minor characters in these seasons), and it looks more like a rejected The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest or He-Man character than a character from this show.
  6. Despite him being a boy, he has eyelashes and a blush, so he looks like a girl instead.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He does get his comeuppance for his actions after being whipped in the face by Gary, getting his mouth tied up, and then running away.
  2. As said, his design when he's not in vicious mode, is at least kinda cute (if not a little ugly looking).
  3. He was most likely supposed to be hated.


  • Outside of this episode, he also appeared in a late 2010 flash game called "Gary's Revenge".
  • A light-blue version of him reappears in the Season 12 episode "Gary and Spot".


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