Professor Lampwick

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Professor Lampwick
Gender: Male
Type: Professor
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Malcolm McDowell
Status: Alive
Media of origin: We Bare Bears

Professor Lampwick is a character from We Bare Bears. He appeared in the fourth episode of the third season in this show called Professor Lampwick (Which is the same name of the character itself) and Hurricane Hal. He is voiced by Malcolm McDowell.

Why He Sucks

  1. One of his character design in general looks creepy, threatening, and evil. He also even tries to terrify Chloe while she was doing her science experiment.
  2. He also tried to punish Panda (While unlikable in the episode) such as not having movies, video games, and phone, even though it wasn't his son or his nephew.
  3. He even wishes that Panda, Ice Bear, and Grizz should be dead and after that, he also threatens to murder the three bears. Which is not quite right for a kid's show.
  4. He is too unlikable to talk to Chloe at any face time due to her failing grade. Which kind of makes him a jerk.
  5. He also later turned out to be rather conniving mainly due to what the bears did to him in the episode entitled Professor Lampwick.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He seems to be a very intelligent and capable man.
  2. Malcom McDowell did a good job voicing him.
  3. His design, while creepy, is very passable.


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