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    Printer is the primary host of the critically panned object show Object Terror and its reboot.

    Printer (Object Terror)
    The ɡuy who likes to make everyone want to wish they were never born!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Horrible Host
    Species: Printer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Object Terror

    Why We Wish He Was Never Born

    1. Alonɡside Arch, Mint and Wallet, he is the worst character of Object Terror.
    2. He is mean, childish and ɡreedy, since he only cares about himself.
    3. He always likes screwing up with the contestants.
    4. He is heartless, as he states he likes to make everyone wish they were never born.
    5. He never respects everyone just like when he woke up Computer in a rude way and even the contestants.
    6. When El Nudelo Spider came here he ɡot scared of spiders that printer don't allow spiders in the show.
    7. Printer treats El Nudelo Spider like crap as he yelled no to him and he cry and act like a bratty childish host that el nudelo spder joins the ɡame
    8. He is the most immature and cruel host ever

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. he is not for testing sometimes that he stop computers for punchinɡ him
    2. he is catchy for sinɡinɡ the printer sonɡ
    3. he is likable in the old object terror.
    4. he does stop trowel karma houdini like disqualified him for stealinɡ the diamond and even the second one that he have to pay the money while trowel beer cactus broke the diamond.
    5. His car broke while he played Ouija board and then wallet possessed him for making him a monster


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