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    Principal Wartz (Hey Arnold!, seasons 3-5)

    Principal Wartz
    "THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR BACKTALK! YOU'RE SUSPENDED FOR TWO DAYS!" — Principal Wartz to Arnold in the episode "Suspended" after he tried to reason with him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Corrupt Strict Faculty Member
    Age: Mid 50's
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: David Wohl
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Hey Arnold!
    First appearance: False Alarm
    Last appearance: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie

    Principal Wartz is a fictional character in the Hey Arnold! TV Series. He is a strict, yet often well-intentioned, principal. While often characterized as bumbling and barely-competent, or at other times childlike but benevolent, Principal Wartz has also been shown to have certain paranoid tendencies, often believing his students are out to get him in some way, or himself plotting to spy on or otherwise entrap them in wrongdoing. He is very harsh in his punishments of schoolyard wrongdoers. Although he seems to have softened up a bit, after he got into trouble for being too harsh with students which caused him to temporarily quit. He is voiced by David Wohl.

    While he was a good character in the first two seasons, once season 3 came, things went downhill.

    Corrupted Qualities

    1. He went from a generous school principal with a good heart by taking action when something starts going wrong or when there's trouble at School to a corrupted official that unfairly punishes the students in a state of outbursts.
    2. In the episode "Suspended", he suspended Harold just because he called him a "stupid dork". Sure, it's not a good idea to be disrespectful to an authority figure, but that's no reason for a suspension. A detention maybe but never a suspension.
      • Now, here's the part where he went too far: After catching Harold trying another attempt to get back into school after he was suspended and when Arnold tries to reason with him and try to tell him that he's learned his lesson, he suspends him for two days.
    3. In the episode "Full Moon", instead of asking Arnold politely who pulled the prank, he demanded him to tell him who did it. Even worse, he even put Arnold through 4 weeks detention, when he didn't do anything wrong, and almost got marked on his permanent record with him threatening to fail him for refusing to report a prank by getting a black mark next to "FAILURE TO COOPERATE" on his permanent record preventing him from reaching junior high. And it could've if it wasn't for Harold, Sid, and Stinky confessing the truth on the last day of his unfair punishment.
    4. He was extremely unlikable in "Principal Simmons", where he became too strict of a principal to the students.
      • He gave Harold a month of planting new shrubbery all over school grounds just because he kicked a shrub already planted.
      • He put Rhonda on mop and bucket duty just because she accidentally spray painted a little smudge on the floor.
      • Also to top it all off, sure he became more kinder to the students at the end, but he didn't apologize the end.
    5. Speaking of the episode "Full Moon" (the episode that started his flanderization), he tried bribing Arnold a reward of chocolate crème when in reality it's against the law to let the situation slide through criminal negligence by showing viewers that being a snitch is okay and confessing the truth is wrong, which was repeated by Eustace Bagge from Courage The Cowardly Dog and Jimmy from the 2nd to 6th seasons of Ed, Edd n Eddy.
    6. Not to mention he acts like Seymour Skinner from the 9th to the 30th seasons of The Simpsons. And yes, like Principal Skinner, this guy was no better than him and at the same time doesn't get called out, charged for false accusation or scolded by the School superintendent making him a karma houdini.
    7. In the episode "Sid's Revenge" he gave Sid weeks of detention because of a drama teacher dropping fake vomit on the floor in the cafeteria which is by far the most damaging thing to have happened in the entire series.
    8. Whenever he is not involved in a couple of episodes where Wolfgang is at his extreme worst, he does nothing to rectify the problem, neither did he punish Harold for laughing at Phoebe in the episode "Phoebe's Little Problem".
    9. He also acts like a massive Gary Stu and many episode try to depict his controlling and strict behavior as right and good and he frequently gets exactly what he wants from his students such as finding out who the mooners were in “Full Moon” and effortlessly combatting Arnold and Harold’s protests over their suspensions.
    10. He was not seen or mentioned in "Hey Arnold: The Movie" and at the same time never got any screen time.

    Not So Corrupted Qualities

    1. While he didn't apologize in the end, he did become more kinder to the students, which was good character growth for him.
    2. He was a much better character in the first two seasons.
    3. He can be likable at times.
    4. "I Will Prevail" nuff said.
    5. At least he was able to get Wolfgang suspended for playing with the extinguisher, in which School bus contractors may find very satisfying to sit through.
    6. David Wohl still does a great job voicing the principal.
    7. At least he redeemed himself in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.


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