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    Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls, 1998)

    Princess Morbucks
    "I'm Princess, and my daddy buys me anything I want! And I wanna be a Powerpuff Girl!" - Morbucks
    Gender: Female
    Type: Envious Supervillainess
    Age: 5 to 6
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Jennifer Hale (1998 series)
    Haley Mancini (2016 reboot)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Powerpuff Girls
    First appearance: Stuck Up, Up, and Away
    Last appearance: The Powerpuff Girls Rule

    Morbucks: "Why won't you let me be a Powerpuff Girl?"
    Blossom: "Because you're just a spoiled brat. And being a Powerpuff Girl isn't about getting your way or having the best stuff or being popular or powerful. It's about using your own unique abilities to help people and the world we all live in. And you, little girl, have done nothing worthy of the name Powerpuff."
    — Quote from the episode "Stuck Up, Up, and Away"

    Princess Morbucks is a major antagonist from the original 1998 version of The Powerpuff Girls. She is one of the four most recurring villains in the series and Buttercup's rival in the OG series. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale and Haley Mancini in the 2016 reboot.


    Princess Morbucks is boastful, spoiled, greedy, and dictating, even for a little girl. She throws temper tantrums whenever she wants to have something, prompting her dad to hand her cash to silence her. When denied what she wants, she becomes emotionally distressed; this often irritates every person around her.

    She also wants to be a Powerpuff Girl, but doesn't have superpowers or crimefighting experience, which angers her for not letting her become one, hence only willing to become one for cosmetic reasons (since the trio are loved by everyone in the city of Townsville). She has stated that "If I can't be a Powerpuff Girl, then there won't be any Powerpuff Girls!".

    However, she loves something other than herself and destroying the Powerpuff Girls: Cash. As shown, she'll only love her father if he gives her anything she wants if she asks sweetly (which she doesn't most of the time). If not, Princess throws a bratty tantrum for it. At one point, her father taps the rolled-up morning paper against his palm. This indicates that he gives her firm discipline, despite the great extent to which he spoils her financially. She also has no regard for other people's property as shown in the episode "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" when she purposely destroys a hobby horse in Santa's workshop during a tantrum. She is even willing to insult people powerful than her as she insulted Santa when he started to admire the Powerpuff Girls.

    Why She's Intentionally A Spoiled Brat Who Doesn't Deserve To Be A Powerpuff Girl

    1. She is very bratty and wanted to get rid of The Powerpuff Girls so she can be one herself for her selfish needs like fame and fortune as according to Blossom that she's just a spoiled brat and according to Santa that she is so despicable and naughty, even Mojo Jojo and especially HIM admitted that she's more evil.
    2. Furthermore, The Powerpuff Girls rejecting Morbucks also doesn't excuse her actions, especially since she wanted to be one herself for selfish reasons and not for the good of others, which means this becomes an even more petty excuse.
    3. She seems to leech off her father for money in order to beat The Powerpuff Girls and threatens that she won't leave him alone if she fails.
    4. She has a ton of unlikable moments in the show, such as:
      • In "Stuck Up, Up and Away", even before becoming a villain she is still bratty as she refused to play with the other kids because she viewed them as poor. When she saw The Powerpuff Girls in action she got impressed and tried to be one herself. Her first attempt failed so badly that she got tied up with a bomb by the robbers, forcing The Powerpuff Girls to save her and allowing the robbers to get away with the stolen money. She showed no gratitude toward the girls for saving her life, and she tried to kill The Powerpuff Girls for “humiliating” her (which was her own fault). She even bragged about how she defeated Bubbles and Buttercup single handedly. While being arrested, she whined and yelled at the police, saying they couldn't arrest her and her daddy was important.
      • In "Birthday Bash", she sends a bullseye to the girls on their birthday so that a rocket can come down to blow them up, and possibly everyone else in the party.
      • In "Daylight Savings", she can briefly be seen as part of the parade of villains heading into Townsville to perform crimes while the girls are being forced to stay inside for their curfew. Since she is in the same grade as them, it can only be assumed she must be violating the curfew herself.
      • In "Mo Job", when she sees Mojo Jojo on the news, she comes to hire him to make a device to give her powers of the girls and get rid of the girl's powers so she and Mojo can kill them.
      • In "Bought and Scold", she gets the mayor to trade the city to her for a room full of candy, allowing her to be the new mayor to legalize crime to spite the girls, threatening to have them arrested if they try to stop criminals and causing Townsville to become a crime-ridden dystopia, and only makes crime illegal again when her stuff is stolen. She also had a moment where she screamed for a glass of water before getting out of bed to get it herself while muttering how she should start calling the girls on The Powerpuff hotline and ordering them to get her glasses of water now that she's the mayor, and she refused to let the girls fight crime by letting the criminals do whatever they want by trespassing and loitering all over town by illegally changing fighting crime is legal to fighting crime is illegal. Making the girls feel upset about it.
      • In "Meet the Beat-Alls", she teams up with Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and HIM, terrorizing Townsville as the Beat-Alls and robbing many places. She, Fuzzy, and HIM later get on the rooftops and start destroying Townsville for fun.
      • In "Superfriends", while she was great friends with Robin, it is only to gain her trust and she got her in trouble at the end by commanding her to steal sweets from the store. Proving that she's also manipulative as she coerces someone for it.
      • She was at her worst in "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" (The Christmas Special episode), because she still didn't consider herself naughty even after all the horrible things she had done. She stepped on Ms. Keane's foot when exiting school, and she tried to ruin Christmas for everybody by messing with Santa's list to have everyone in the naughty list but her and when the girls tried to stop her, she threw a fit in front of Santa and tried to get him to not trust the girls. Also, when Blossom told her to change her ways for Christmas, she refused and instead tampered with Santa's naughty and nice lists. Making this even worse, she didn't even have to switch the lists around. She could have just destroyed the naughty list (which was just a sticky note with only her name on it) and added her name to the nice list, making Santa believe there were no nice kids that year and tricking him into giving all the nice kids coal in the process. On a side note, the fact that she was apparently the only kid on Earth on the naughty list that year speaks volumes of how awful she is. Even Mitch Michelson, who is generally bratty and mischievous, has actual redeeming qualities and standards enough to be on the nice list. Because of these actions, she almost ruined Christmas due to her list tampering.
        • Santa deems Princess Morbucks to be naughty enough that she is added to the permanent naughty list, meaning that she has no chance for redemption.
      • In "Documentary", she is briefly seen rudely refusing to do an interview.
    5. She is also proven to be extremely hypocritical, like when she called The Powerpuff Girls brats or when she called Robin a liar and a thief, even though Morbucks herself is the real brat, liar, and thief.
    6. While she is not as vile as Dick Hardly or HIM, she is best remembered for her bratty and selfish personality.
    7. Unlike Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Rowdyruff Boys, and even HIM who is Near Pure Evil, she has no redeeming qualities.
    8. Overall, she's nothing but a greedy, stuck-up, spoiled, rich and envious brat who is both greedy and jealous that can't get what she wants, especially if she wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl herself.
    9. Despite Jennifer Hale used to provide the voice of her, she made her voice rather forced to be loud and obnoxious in the same fashion as Janyse Jaud making Sarah's voice the same way from the 2nd to final seasons to the original run of Ed, Edd n Eddy.

    Intentional Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her design looks pretty cute.
    2. Jennifer Hale did a great job voicing her in the original series and Haley Mancini did an okay job voicing her in the 2016 reboot.
    3. Being a supervillain, she at least gets her well-deserved comeuppance for her behavior and crimes by The Powerpuff Girls in almost every episode, even more often than Sarah from Ed, Edd Eddy, who rarely gets any comeuppance. This means she is thankfully not a karma houdini
      • She also got arrested and was sent to jail at Christmas time for impersonating Santa Claus after illegally putting herself on the nice list by switching the lists around at the North Pole and for trespassing Santa's workshop.
      • She did get her just desserts in the episode "Bought and Scold" after the girls found out what she did by ransacking the place while she was not looking causing her dad to spank her off-screen as a punishment.
    4. To be fair, she was supposed to be hated due to being a mean, spoiled, rich and envious brat who often envies the girls.
    5. In the 2016 reboot episode "Poorbucks", she is shown to likable as she starts to be nicer to the girls, become less greedy and bratty, and improve her behavior, meaning if she would redeem herself afterwards.


    • Princess is a slight spoof of the musical Annie, as her name Morbucks is a reference to Warbucks, just as her name is from more bucks, and she looks a little like Annie, but without the afro. She also is based on the 1971 version of Veruca Salt (played by Julie Dawn Cole) from the Roald Dahl novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and its subsequent film adaptations.
    • Princess seems somewhat similar to Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory, as both characters are rivals to the protagonists and can be compared to royalty (Princess's name is also based on a royal status, and Mandark has described himself as a "Monarch of Darkness").
    • Princess also harbors similarities with Syndrome from The Incredibles, as both used to admires the heroes, to the point of wishes to joins their teams, only to be rejected, that eventually leads them to the villainy and both become notable enemies of The Powerpuff Girls and Mr. Incredible. Though that this didn't ended their twisted idea of become a hero, to get fame and glory, leading them to be obsessed with their own perception of be a hero.
    • She is one of the four major enemies of The Powerpuff Girls who are children, the other three being The Rowdyruff Boys.
    • In "The Powerpuff Girls' 10th anniversary Top 10 Villains" countdown, she was placed at #4.
      • MsMojo ranked Princess Morbucks as the #4 Powerpuff Girls villain.


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