Princess Amber (seasons 1 and 2)

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Princess Amber
Princess Amber.png
We present you, the definition of every female character cliche.
Gender: Female
Type: Spoiled Princess
Age: 9 (season 1)
10 (season 2)
11 (season 3)
12-13 (season 4)
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Darcy Rose Byrnes
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Sofia the First

Crown Princess Amber is the deuteragonist of the 2013 Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. She is Sofia's older sister, Prince James' twin sister, heir to the throne (since season 4) and the first Princess of Enchancia.

Why She Sucked

  1. She's a spoiled brat who wanted stuff her way.
  2. She is a huge drama queen, as she complains a lot over the smallest stuff.
  3. She is just one those mean popular girl cliches.
  4. Her voice is not great, as she sounds more like a teenager for her age.
  5. In the pilot movie "Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess", she became so jealous of Sofia when she moved into the castle, that she did a lot of bad stuff to Sofia like tricking James into humiliating Sofia by making her fly off a swing into the pool, and she gave Sofia magic shoes that made her trip and fall in public.
  6. She is shown to be very greedy in some episodes like "The Curse of Princess Ivy" because when she got upset that Sofia wouldn't let her try on her amulet, she went complaining to her father and telling him she wanted an amulet just like Sofia's, even though Amber has tons of rare and expensive stuff, so what are you complaining about?
  7. She can be bossy at times.
  8. She literally stole Sofia's amulet once, causing an evil princess to appear.
  9. She is very stubborn.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As the series went on, she started getting more character development. Then she redeems herself in season 3.
  2. She did apologize for what she did to Sofia in "Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess".
  3. She does have her funny moments like in the special "The Curse of Princess Ivy" when she said "I think am gonna faint and lightly fall down" when Sofia told her that the amulet can call princesses when there's trouble.
  4. She really cares about Sofia. She even sacrificed for her a couple times.
  5. Sofia the First would most likely not be as great without her.


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