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    Prince George (The Prince)

    Prince George (The Prince)
    Gender: Male
    Type: Painfully cruel version of Prince George
    Stewie Griffin: British Edition
    Portrayed by: Gary Janetti
    Status: Possibly Deceased
    Media of origin: The Prince

    Note: This only applies to his animated counterpart, not the real life version as that one is much better.

    Prince George (born July 22, 2013) is the main protagonist in the 2021 animated series The Prince, created by Family Guy writer Gary Janetti, produced by 20th (Century Fox) Television (a division of The Walt Disney Company through 20th Century Fox/Studios) and made exclusively for Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming service HBO Max (despite being created by Disney and Fox). He is voiced series creator' Gary Janetti.

    Why He's The Prince of Loathsome Characters Wiki

    1. He is nothing more than a shamelessly mean-spirited clone of Stewie Griffin, with none of the charm, good humor and likability he had.
    2. He gives a negative portrayal of the real life Prince George.
    3. Gary Janetti does a poor job at voicing him.
    4. He fired Owen in "School Musical" for no good reason.
    5. Just like The Queen in this show, he swears too much.
      • Examples of this include when he says to Owen "I f**king love that." and in the first episode when he says "Jesus, my f**king heart".
    6. He rarely ever gets any consequences for his actions, making him a Karma Houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He was probably killed off at the end of season 1 as he was probably fed the poisoned tarts from Kevin. However, this isn't confirmed.
    2. He is a much better person in real life.


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