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    President Donald Trump (Our Cartoon President)

    President Donald Trump (Our Cartoon President)
    Fake news... fake news... fake weather...
    Gender: Male
    Type: Overly Mean-spirited Bargain-Bin representation of a controversially fallible president of the U.S.
    Portrayed by: Jeff Bergman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Our Cartoon President
    First appearance: June 14, 1946

    President Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States and patriarch of the First Family, and the titular protagonist of Our Cartoon President. This version of Donald Trump is voiced by Jeff Bergman.

    Why He Intentionally Won't Make America Great Again

    1. He is very unfunny and an obnoxious bigot with an annoying voice.
    2. He is far too obnoxious for his own good, and is way too stupid to be a proper president.
      • He is so rude and unlikeable, he once slapped his Don Jr. when he underordered at Chilies.
      • In "Civil War", Trump refuses to trust Mike Pence, assuming he's after his job, while at the same struggling to pass voter suppression legislation.
    3. The way he frequently shares mental disorders like how he hallucinates spirits/paintings/statues talking to him, and has mentioned he hears multiple voices inside his head, is done in such a tasteless way that it's very strange and uncomfortable to watch.
    4. He generally has a habit of telling outrageous lies to the public, an example being that he breastfed his sons.
      • He is so stupid that he somehow mistakes a pen for a bomb.
    5. He also has made several racist comments just for the sake of it.
    6. When he's not directing people to deal with his nonexistent secretary, he's sneaking out of the White House.
    7. Sure, he might have despotic ambitions and be sympathetic to the odd Neo-Nazi, but he has severe daddy issues.
    8. He rarely faces consequences for his actions.
    9. He seems to genuinely believe that all of his actions are completely rightful when they clearly aren't.
    10. He has committed many horrible deeds, including putting children in cages.
    11. He acts like a spoiled child most of the time.
    12. He has a very mediocre and ugly design.
      • Trump's skin is drawn with orange and tiny hands like nearly every single Trump caricature ever made.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Episode "G-7" shows him being afraid to hurt journalists such as Chuck Todd.
    2. Jeff Bergman tried his best at imitating Trump's voice.


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