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A teenager as a crazed and violent clown? That's how it's meant to be, yes, but it's still pretty strange and unsettling.
Gender: Unknown, possibly Male.
Type: Psychopathic Clown
Age: 17
Species: Rabbitman
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Popee the Performer

Popee is the titular main character of the infamous CGI anime Popee the Performer, and the main deuteragonist of the series.

Why They/It/He makes an Intentionally Bad Performance

  • NOTE: His gender is currently unknown, it is possible that they/he is male, even though that has not yet been confirmed by Ryuji Masada.
  1. It/He/They is extremely abusive towards Kedamono, using him for nothing more than a target for its/his/their tricks. A good example of this would be in the episode "Magic".
  2. Popee will also try to kill Kedamono occasionally, the episode "Eraser" and "Swallower" being good examples.
  3. It/He/They was/were at its/his/their worst in "Swallower", where it/he/they tries to slice Kedamono in half after he saves it/him/them from being pinned by a sword, and eats Kedamono alive.
  4. It's/He's/They're shown to be a sore loser, as whenever Kedamono does something better than it/him, it/he tries to get revenge on him for that petty reason.
  5. It/He/They does strange actions often, like cutting off its/his eyelids and going insane and for no reason.
  6. It/He/They does things that shouldn't be allowed in a kids' show, such as murder, animal abuse, property damage, and flipping the middle finger. This is likely because the show it/he/they is from came from Japan, which has a different point of view of what's considered child-friendly.
  7. It/He/They makes ugly and unnerving faces, such as in "Swallower" where it/he has the infamous "bloody jumpscare" face, and in "Limbo" where its/his face becomes similar to what the Devil's face would look like.
  8. It's/He's/They're notably self-centered. For example, in "Monocycle", it/he doesn't care about running people over, not even its/his father, but rather getting fame and skills with his monocycle.
  9. It/He/They can be a bit stupid at times, such as in "Ghost" where it/he/they tries to slice Kedamono and Papi's ghosts in half, or in "Fire Ring" where it/he/they falls for a dumb disguise set up by Kedamono. It/He/They also didn't let Papi suck out the poison from its/his/their body in "Poison", which is an idiotic move.
  10. It/He/They kept teasing Kedamono to come down to Earth from Heaven so it/he could keep throwing knives directly in his face in "Knife Thrower", which can be considered disrespecting the deceased.
  11. It/He/They chopped off most of Paola's trunk in "Dark Side" with absolutely no reason at all and even faked being nice to Kedamono and Papi so they wouldn't notice.
  12. In "Pantomime", it/he/they got out binoculars when Kedamono fell from his imaginary staircase instead of trying to save him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It/He/They gets his comeuppance a lot.
  2. It/He/They sometimes gets along with Kedamono, but this is mostly when the two are in danger.
  3. It/He/They was more likable in the pilot episode since he acted more comforting and sympathetic towards Kedamono.
  4. It's/He's/They supposed to be over-the-top intolerable, and this surprisingly attracts some fans.


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