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"Don't let your kids watch this!" - Robbie Rotten

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Pop (Happy Tree Friends)
Meet Pop, one of the worst fathers on Earth.
Gender: Male
Type: Neglectful Father
Species: Bear
Portrayed by: Aubrey Ankrum
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Happy Tree Friends

Pop is a character from the internet show Happy Tree Friends. He serves as a father to his son Cub. He is a bear father who is usually clueless and wears bathrobes and smokes a pipe. For the most part, his son dies from his neglectful actions. He is voiced by Aubrey Ankrum.

Bad Qualities

  1. The biggest problem with Pop is that he is a very bad father, because he usually pays no attention to his son, Cub, leading to the latter getting killed by him or other characters. Hell, his actions would make even Stephen and Linda Stotch from South Park look like great parents by comparison.
  2. He lets his son do dangerous stuff, such as letting him play with things that aren’t safe for children to play with, such as an electric razor can and bleach.
  3. In Stealing the Spotlight, Cub had a nail stuck on his face that was hard to remove, and what does he do? He decides to push the nail in deeper, despite Cub's pain.
  4. In And the Kitchen Sink, he breaks off Cub's leg bone when he is stuck in the sink.
  5. He is just as dumb as Lumpy and Splendid, due to him doing a lot of stupid things and paying no attention to Cub's pain or other characters' sufferings that he has caused.
  6. After Lumpy removes the demon from Cub on Read 'em and Weep, he still thinks that the demon is inside Cub and smashes him with a shovel.
  7. He is also very stingy and cheap as well, like in Read 'em and Weep where he refuses to buy Cub an expensive children's book and buys a cheap cursed book that summons a demon.
  8. In Easy For You to Sleigh, he disables the fire alarm instead of resetting it, which leads to his and Cub's death due to carbon monoxide poisoning when the smoke from the chimney fills up the room.
  9. In Bottled Up Inside, he stops in the middle of a crosswalk to pick up a coin, allowing Cub and much of the stroller to be hit by Russell's car, to which he remains completely oblivious.
  10. In Chore Loser, he plays with a portable game system and remains completely oblivious that Cub is getting torn to pieces by a rabid angry dog outside.
  11. He usually acts like a nervous wreck most of the time.
  12. Pop can be an unpolite jerk towards other characters, mostly because of low patience and sole care for Cub.
    • In A Sucker for Love, when Nutty steals Cub's lollipop, instead of asking politely to return the lollipop, he chooses to become aggressive against Nutty and fight with him over the lollipop.
    • In A Hole Lotta Love, when he believed his son fell into the well and tried to get some help, he found Sniffles and instead of asking politely to help him find Cub, he grabs Sniffles by the chest demanding him to bring back his son, more worse, he fights over the controls with Sniffles on who gets to drive it. For the Mole, he angrily takes the Mole's pencil without asking.
    • In Mime to Five, when he is unable to hear what Mime is saying in the drive-thru speaker, he yells at the speaker impatiently demanding for food.
    • In Something Fishy, when Sniffles, Mime, and Russell died, he cheered on the fact that they died, which is even more cruel, considering that the three aforementioned dead people are depicted as children. Regardless, cheering for someone else's death is very cruel and uncaring.
  13. He does not get any comeuppance for ignoring Cub and gets off without any trouble, making him a Karma Houdini.

Good Qualities

  1. There were at least some times where he notices Cub's pain and deaths and sympathizes for Cub.
  2. There are some people who root for Pop, since they know he usually kills Cub by accident.
  3. He was likable in the episode Water Way to Go, whereupon noticing Cub's hat floating on the water in a beach, he panics and immediately goes out to find him. When he couldn't find Cub, he is distraught and calls out for Cub very loudly.
  4. Like most HTF characters, he has a cute design.
  5. Most of his kills on Cub are usually understandable since he's a single parent and doesn’t have a wife to take care of Cub, and also because real male bears are terrible fathers.
  6. His stupidity can be funny at times.
  7. He does actually get along with some characters, like Lumpy and Disco Bear.
  8. Sometimes when he appears in an episode with Cub, he doesn't kill him in the episode, instead, another character does that.
  9. He did try to save Cub's life a few times like in Doggone It, where he fights off Whistle.
  10. He does have his fair share of deaths like the rest of the cast.
  11. He was a better parent in A Sucker For Love, where he gets in a fight with Nutty to retrieve the lollipop that Nutty had stolen from Cub.


  • He has the second-highest number of kills in Happy Tree Friends, only to be beaten by Lumpy.


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