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    Polly (Horrid Henry)
    "This is NOT the best day of my life!" *sobs annoyingly*
    Gender: Female
    Type: Exasperating and overly sensitive cousin
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Joanna Ruiz (show)
    Kimberley Walsh (Horrid Henry: The Movie)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Horrid Henry

    Polly Penelope is one of the characters in the Horrid Henry series, she is Henry and Peter's oldest cousin, who is married to an aggressive edgy teenager named "Pimply Paul", soon after, they had a daughter named Vomiting Vera.

    Why She (Intentionally?) Needs to Get Out

    1. She is immature even for her age, especially in "Horrid Henry and the Christening Crisis", alongside her husband.
    2. Her giggling is very annoying that it can get on your last nerve more than Peter's yelling.
    3. She overgeneralizes things too much, such as her "most romantic dinner ever" for Paul being "ruined".
      • Speaking of which, she thinks everything has a binary and that there is no middle ground, which is just ridiculous.
    4. She is careless as she doesn't give her daughter a punishment for endangering Henry vomiting on her.
      • She is harsh to Henry as well, since in the flashbacks of Henry and Polly in "Horrid Henry's Wedding", she is seen physically assaulting Henry.
    5. She makes up annoying names like "Vera Wera" and "Pauly pops".
    6. She doesn't care about Pimply Paul assaulting or verbally abusing Henry.
    7. She is overly sensitive for the stupidest reasons.
    8. She overreacts too much for the smallest reasons as well, such as panicking about eating Peter's animal-shaped crackers because she's a vegetarian, seeing Henry covered in mud, a mutant max ring, etc.
    9. She went too fast with Pimply Paul in their relationship as seen in "Horrid Henry's Wedding" (Because they possibly married around late-adolescence).
    10. She's so demanding, she gives Trip a run for his money.

    "Oh, Goody!" Qualities

    1. There are some instances where Polly being distressed may be justifiable or reasonable, overall due to her possibly having a mental illness.
    2. It's likely that she was purposefully written to be unlikable.
    3. She is likeable on rare occasions. Although very rare occasions, mind you.
    4. Joanna Ruiz did an awesome job voicing Polly, although it could be unbearable at times.
    5. Like Paul, she does treat Henry better later on.


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