Poison (Street Fighter X Tekken)

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Poison (also known as Poison Kiss in Japanese) is a character from the Final Fight franchise and the Street Fighter franchise. She is one of the Mad Gear Gang members and is in love with Hugo Andore. She also has a sister named Roxy.

Unfortunately, she's been badly flanderized in Street Fighter X Tekken.

"What the hell?!" The real Poison's reaction to her flanderized self.
Gender: Female
Type: The Dark Side of Poison
Age: ???
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Karen Strassman
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Street Fighter and Final Fight

Why She's Not The Poison You Love

  1. She's flanderized from a professional glam metal, but kind and attractive fighter into a spoiled, unreasonable, and delusional drama queen, which is somehow similar to Bella Swan, Sara, Angelina Ballerina, and Willie Scott.
  2. She says offensive quotes. For example, she told Blanka: "It doesn't matter if you're from the jungle. Stupid is just stupid." and told Heihachi Mishima: "Old folks should just go off and die in a corner somewhere. Leave the world to us!" This quote is very disrespectful to elder people. She even told Hwoarang to go home and have some of Mommy's milk, even though Hwoarang is too old to drink mother's milk.
  3. In her intro with Hugo, the first few seconds were a closeup of her breasts, which is pretty disturbing.
  4. She had a total meltdown over Chinese Food when Hugo wanted hot dogs.
  5. While having a fit, she and Hugo were having an argument over what they wanted to eat for lunch.
  6. She even had an emotional meltdown in Poison and Hugo's ending where the light of Pandora's Box was not working for them.
  7. She and Hugo are somehow a couple who fights with each other sometimes. Despite that, they might be a likable couple at times.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her appearance is so attractive at this point.
  2. Karen Strassman did a great job voicing her.
  3. Her behavior has improved a lot since Ultra Street Fighter IV.


Poison is one of the Mad Gear Gang members to be playable in the Street Fighter games along with her love interest named Hugo Andore. However, Poison and Hugo used to be unplayable characters in the first Final Fight game. Poison was a playable character in Final Fight Revenge, Street Fighter X Tekken (as mentioned in this article), Ultra Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V. She also made a cameo in the upcoming game, Street Fighter 6.


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