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    "What I'm applying, is that Mr. Game and Watch is useless, and we got safe because Sidewalk made a mistake!"

    Plastic Plate is a character in the object show Object Towel. In Object Towel Again, he is one of the 20 people to make it into the game and become a contestant. He is voiced by AquaShiba.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Plastic Plate is another jerk object character, who tends to whine over things he doesn't agree with or accept.
    2. In OTA 2, he complained about Mr. Game and Watch as the reason his team nearly lost, by saying they only won due to Sidewalk's mistake.
    3. He doesn't get up for elimination multiple times, which is unsurprising since he is a whiny jerk.
    4. Not only that, that also means that he's a Karma Houdini.
    5. In OTA 1, he tried eating Mutated Taco despite the fact that Mutated Taco is disgusting due to him being a dead body.
    6. He served as nothing but a tool to his team, as seen in OTA 2 and 5, where he is only used as a shield, and in OTA 4, where he is just a walker.
    7. He can be quite dumb, as seen in OTA 6, where he thinks Uranus is not a planet anymore.
    8. Oh, now we get to the worst thing he has done, he gets angry at Car Door just because he killed Spiderweb (Plastic Plate's best friend) by accident, he even decides to complain about him all because of one small mistake, showing that he doesn't accept apologizes and deaths.
    9. In OTA 11, he even called Car Door a "stinky face" and told Glass Case Holder that she could never trust Car Door.

    Good Qualities

    1. While unsurprising at the same time, he does become safe in multiple episodes, in fact, he wasn't put up for elimination 9 episodes in a row, which is one of the longest win streaks ever in OTA.
    2. Despite being a jerk, he does get along with some characters, like Jelly Bread and Spiderweb, his best friend, showing that he isn't really bad after all.
    3. There are some people who seem to enjoy Plastic Plate, despite his attitude.
    4. He does get karma for his actions. In OTA 2, he gets eaten by Spiderdaddy because he blamed Mr. Game and Watch for almost making the team lose, and in OTA 12, he did get karma for treating Car Door badly by getting his top eaten by a fish.
    5. He finally got eliminated in OTA 13A, so we don't have to see him as a jerk again.
    6. Like most OTA characters, his asset design is decent.
    7. His British accent is decent.


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