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Pinkie Pie (PONY.MOV)
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No, this is not the Pinkie Pie from MLP.
Gender: Female
Type: Alcoholic Party Earth Pony
Species: Earth Pony
Portrayed by: Arin Hanson
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'PONY.MOV'

Pinkie Pie is one of the main characters from Max Gilardi's series, PONY.MOV. She is a prostitute who loves partying hard. Due to her lifestyle, her life is depressing.

Why She Sucks

  1. She can't seem to fight her addiction to drinking, drugs, or partying.
  2. She shoots her period blood at people, which is disgusting!
    • She even got her period blood in Spike's mouth!
  3. According to Spike, she fucked a snail!
  4. In April of 2012, she got arrested for attempting to shoplift large quantities of ammonia and pseudoephedrine.
  5. Her mean girl personality is unappealing.
  6. She always thought Spike was cute and wanted him to "come over and fuck her", thus making her a pedophile.
  7. She's an attention whore, as she wrote a horrible autobiography called My Daddy Made Me Put Glass In My Vagina. It's about her father doing "unspeakable" things to her, including:
    • Forcing her to put glass in her vagina.
    • Forcing her to eat her own hair.
    • Hitting her in the head with a Sega Dreamcast.
    • Locking her in the basement and blasting "Blood on the Dance Floor" for 17 hours after refusing to say the Lord's prayer.
    • Her father even stated that he never did anything her book says he did.
  8. After Twilight told her she needed to get some help, Pinkie claimed that's she's just jealous because "boys think she's prettier than her" and that "she has a horse face." (The "horse face" part is true, but Pinkie was just plain rude).
  9. Photos, such as her flashing her breasts and her mugshot may disturb some people.
  10. Along with Rainbow Dash, she bullied Fluttershy.
    • She and Rainbow kicked her ass.
    • In senior prom, she dumped a bucket full of Rainbow Dash's period blood on her.
  11. She gave MLP:FiM Pinkie Pie a bad name.
  12. She makes hideous facial expressions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She went to rehab in SWAG.MOV.
  2. Her character design, when not off-model, is passable.


  • She was originally voiced by Arin Hanson, but was later on voiced by Max Gilardi.
  • She probably has a crush on Big Macintosh, as she is seen having sex with him in PARTY.MOV.
  • In PARTY.MOV, she has breast implants.
  • Out of the Seven Deadly Sins, she represents Lust.
  • There's an uncensored version of the photo of Pinkie flashing her breasts. However, due to it violating Miraheze's content policy, nobody's allowed to link the photo.


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