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    Pink Sheep (mid 2015-present)

    Pink Sheep (mid 2015-present)
    "Yo, what is up, my prankster gangsters?"
    Gender: Other (according to "himself")
    Type: Annoying, Pranking Gangster
    Species: Sheep
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: ExplodingTNT

    Pink Sheep is a major character in Canadian YouTuber ExplodingTNT's Minecraft machinima videos. "He" is an MLG sheep with pink wool and a mustache who has special powers. Being a side character at first, "he" then became very popular among fans and received "his" own YouTube channel. While Pink Sheep actually has no gender, mentioned character is still referred to as a ram at times.

    Why "He’s" No Prankster Gangster Anymore

    1. "He" is a selfish jerk who adores "himself" thinking that "he" is the greatest person to ever exist. "He" also calls everyone who doesn't think so a "hater".
    2. "He" is a HUGE liar because "he" thinks no one is older than "him" and will never suspect "him" in lying. Some of "his" lies include:
      • Drinking soda with Leonardo da Vinci (in the 16th century?)
      • Inspiring Leonardo to create Mona Lisa (you are not Joconda!)
      • Discovering America and Columbus and claiming it (Columbus wasn't the first European in America, and he didn't know it was a new continent)
      • The world being black-and-white until the 20th century (seriously, did you live in a film?)
    3. "He" ripped-off Rapunzel's origin story.
    4. Hypocrisy: "He" considers "himself" a smart person even though "he" could count only up to 43 for a long time ("he" eventually learned to count up to 100 and a few times where it was said that "he" couldn't ("he" said "over 9000")).
      • "He" also makes fun of "his" haters, going as far as saying "Hater Alert" with "his" fans, yet "he" "himself" is shown to be hated due to "his" rude behavior and the awful stuff "he" commits like abusing his son and encouraging fans to bully other users and break Roblox and Minecraft's rules.
    5. "He" often abuses ExplodingTNT and Purple Shep, "his" own son, even if they don't deserve that.
    6. "He" performed scientific experiments on "his" first son, Baby Pink Sheep, then abandoned "him" because he failed.
    7. "He" is good at making enemies: "he" befriended Herobrine because his mother made tasty cookies, then, after she couldn't buy the ingredients, "he" abandoned Herobrine. Maybe that's one of the reasons Herobrine is evil: what if he just wants to be loved?
    8. "He" encourages "his" fans to bully innocent players and break rules in Minecraft and Roblox, like, for example, go on online dating, causing many bans.
    9. "He" often takes over the world. "He" once took over Minecraft, ExplodingTNT's server and channel, and even a fictional Minecraft version of North Korea.
    10. "He" makes bets with ExplodingTNT on the case if a certain amount of TNT can destroy someone/something,which causes many innocent deaths. "He" also forces ExplodingTNT to do something shameful if he loses (from posting an embarrassing comment to wearing a bikini).

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Karma returns to "him" when "he" loses bets to ExplodingTNT.
    2. "His" classic counterpart was decent. Unfortunately "his" modern counterpart made some fans look down on the character in general, even forgetting "he" was once decent.
    3. "He" can often be hilarious.
    4. "He" actually does care for "his" ewe and lamb.
    5. "He" gets his comeuppance in later videos.
    6. "His" own YouTube channel is decent.


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