Pink Diamond (Steven Universe)

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Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond.png
"No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back. So, for my last order to you as a Diamond, please, let's never speak of this again. No one can know." *forces her closest companion to bottle up her emotions* - Rose Quartz, the "all-loving freedom fighter".
Gender: Non-Binary
Type: Hypocritcal Fascist
Species: Gems
Portrayed by: Susan Egan
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Steven Universe
First Appearance: A Single Pale Rose

Pink Diamond (also known as Rose Quartz) was a character form the Cartoon Network Show, Steven Universe. She was Homeworld Gem and a member of the Great Diamond Authority turned Crystal Gem Leader, the former two of which continued to rule over the Gem race in her absence.

Why She Sucks

  1. For all of the series, she was painted as this flawlessly perfect and wise leader who fought for the equality of all gems. Later, it was revealed she "shattered" Pink Diamond in order to liberate the Earth, and bubbled Bismuth for trying to do the same thing. But this all traced back to how sometimes in life, tough decisions had to be made for the greater good. Then season 5 came along, and undid all of that by completely replacing her with Pink Diamond. Meaning that the development behind Rose's entire character (and that was also important to Steven's character development), never actually happened.
  2. Instead of starting off as a leader who believed that all life was worth protecting and fought for the equality for others against a Fascist Empire, she was just one of the fascists who also happened to be a spoiled, self-entitled brat who threw tantrums over wanting a colony and later decided to just trash it because she didn't want it anymore.
  3. Remember the war between the Earth and the Empire? That means she was deliberately tricking her own subjects into killing each other and saw nothing wrong with that.
  4. Hypocrisy: She said she was fighting for the equality of all gems, but remember those off-colors, the gems that were forced into hiding because they were deemed as defective and would be shattered otherwise? And how there's thousands of them? Did Pink just not care about them?!
    • She was also always telling others they had the right to be themselves and not what the Empire wanted, but considering she was one of them disguised as a rebel, she wasn't even being herself!
    • And to add icing to the unfortunate mix, the last thing she did before faking her shatter was ordering Pearl to keep it a secret and never tell anyone, meaning that despite saying she was fighting for the equality of all gems, she was still abusing her power over her Pearl.
  5. Yes, the Diamonds were genocidal tyrants who abused Pink if she messed up, but that didn't excuse Pink faking her death and traumatizing them. She knew them better than anyone and just how they would react, but she still did it anyway.
  6. Speaking of Pearl, well, to add salt to the wound, not only was her forcing the latter to bottle up her emotions clear hypocrisy, but you can clearly see just how badly Pearl was affected by that. It's clear to see how she felt guilty for the war and all the gems who were shattered/corrupted during it, and on top of it, she isn't allowed to talk to anyone about it to anyone because it was a direct order from a Diamond. Cause remember? Pink Diamond's actually the most human character of the show and she's really misunderstood and her actions are totally justifiable.
    • And in case that wasn't enough, the twist reveals that Pearl was a slave falling in one-sided love with her owner. And they're should seriously be no need to explain what's wrong with that.
      • And as the cherry on top, the revelation that Rose was actually Pink, the person who Pearl was created to serve, completely ruins Pearl's arc about not belonging to or serving anyone.
  7. Idiot Move: After faking her shattering, she apparently didn't consider how likely the possibility of the Diamonds retaliating was. How did she think the other Diamonds wouldn't do anything in retaliation after she was supposedly killed by a member of the Rebellion for the Earth?
  8. She didn't even bother to help Amethyst with her insecurities about being a product of the homeworld gems using Earth's resources to create gems, despite the fact that she knew about it.
  9. Remember how she bubbled Bismuth away and lied to the other Gems about what happened to her? Well, now it wasn't because she was an extremist taking her rebellious nature too far. Now, she had her bubbled because it would've blown her cover.
  10. As the movie revealed, even before all this, she still abandoned her playmate Spinel in the floating garden for 6,000 years. Why? Because she simply outgrew her like a toy and, because she never considered anyone's feelings other than her own, just abandoned her. And no, this isn't excused by "she was never taught kindness, just selfishness", because if she was able to see that colonization was wrong, then she would definitely be able to see the problem with abandoning someone any lying to them about it being a game for what would've been forever if not for Steven's message.
  11. Changing her identity didn't change this either. When Greg asked to fuse with her in a flashback, she simply laughed in his face. Meaning while she did like humans, she didn't respect them, so she was basically the equivalent of the other Diamonds.
  12. This also isn't excused by statements like "She's just flawed, and that makes her more human and interesting", or "It's the other Diamonds' Fault, cause they never taught her kindness, just meanness!" Because there's a BIG difference between being flawed, and being completely unlikable to the point of doing truly irredeemable things. Everyone makes mistakes, but the things Pink Diamond did are much more than mistakes. She was already flawed as Rose, but overall, still tried her best to make the right decisions for and protect the people around her. Then season 5 came along, and, you all already know.
  13. She'll never be held accountable for her actions or face any sort of repercussions since she was dead before the series even began. This is why she's a Karma Houdini.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It can be negotiated that she did have good intentions with saving the Earth from colonization, but that doesn't change how unjustifiable her actions were.
  2. Her character design is creative and kinda cute.
  3. Her backstory of being abused and shunned by the other Diamonds somewhat sympathetic, but it still doesn't justify her actions.


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