Pigma Dengar

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Pigma Dengar
This guy is a swine, alright.
Gender: Male
Type: Greedy and selfish d-bag
Age: 39
Species: Pig
Portrayed by: David White(Star Fox 64, 64 3D and Zero)
Lev Liberman (Star Fox Assault)
Status: Alive(or deceased)
Media of origin: Star Fox

"Too bad dad's not here to see ya FAIL!"
Pigma, Star Fox 64

Pigma Dengar is a major antagonist in the Star Fox series. He's a former member of Star Fox (and later on, of Star Wolf) and a freelance criminal with the life goal to become as rich as possible.

Why He (Intentionally) Sucks

Note: The players are expected to hate this character.

  1. For starters, he betrayed James McCloud (Fox's father) and Peppy Hare by delivering them to Andross' death trap to obtain riches that the evil scientist promised (and he would probably would do the same to Star Wolf).
  2. His design in Star Fox Assault is a bit creepy, with his thin limbs and pupilless eyes.
  3. His greed is over the top. He doesn't care who he hurts so long as he ends up with a large paycheck in the end.
  4. He's extremely sadistic, saying things to Fox and Peppy like "Daddy screamed REEEEEEEEEAL good before he died!" or "I'll do you fast, Peppy ol' pal!".
  5. He doesn't show any remorse for his deeds or any care for his friends and/or teammates, as mentioned above.
  6. He is usually a coward, like when he used Star Fox to get rid of the Aparoids and nab a Core Memory for personal gain.
  7. He's so weak willed that he was possessed with little to no trouble by the Aparoids.
  8. According to the Nintendo Power guide and Lylat Wars Comic, he is the reason for Fox and Wolf's rivalry in the first place.
  9. He was brought back to Command after being killed in Assault, for seemingly no reason aside from fanservice.
  10. He is so unlikable that he was kicked out of Star Wolf (you know, the EVIL foils to Star Fox).
  11. He's quite arrogant, seen in 64 3D, where he thinks the Arwings have no chance against his Wolfen II.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He gets his comeuppeance pretty much everytime he battles the Star Fox crew.
  2. He does raise the stakes in Assault.
  3. He is meant to be hated for his greed and lack of loyalty, which is why fans seem to actually like him (whether as a character or a villain).
  4. His design in Star Fox 2 is passable, and better in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.
  5. One of the multiple endings of Command imply that he does care about his comrades.
  6. Despite what's mentioned in WHIS#7, he initially refuses be a pawn to the Aparoids' plans of invading the Lylat System (even though mostly did so out of self-interest rather than any genuine care for the Lylat System, and because he realized that siding with the Aparoids meant that he'd have to forgo any profit that he planned to make with the Aparoid Core Memory).


  • Pigma can be compared to the similarly greedy Wario.
  • His eye color alternates between red, yellow and white.


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