Pico (F-Zero)

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Pico (F-Zero)
"Maybe with that money I'll sponsor the pico cup"
Gender: Male
Type: Pointless F-Zero Character
Age: 34 (F-Zero)
123 (F-Zero X)
124 (F-Zero GX)
Species: Alien?
Portrayed by: (Japanese) Kenichi Mochizuki
(English) Sean Schemmel
Paul Lucas
Status: Alive
Media of origin: F-Zero

'NOTE: This only applies to his video game counterpart due to him being more utilized in the anime'

Not to be confused with Pico (Boku no Pico).

Pico is one of the first four characters of F-zero along with Captain Falcon, Dr Steward and Samurai Goroh. He appeared in every game with the exception of F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. He is a former soldier in the Poripoto army and is nowadays a hitman for hire.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite appearing in most of the games, unlike Samurai Goroh, he doesn't play a major role in the F-zero GX story AT ALL. Only appearing just for filler.
  2. His voice doesn't suit him being a hitman, a shining example of the cheesy voice acting in F-Zero GX.
  3. He doesn't receive comeuppance for his reckless driving which has been known to cause one of the biggest accidents in F-Zero history.
  4. His vehicle, Wild Goose, has a A-tier in body, a B-tier in boost and a C-tier in grip. SO HOW COME ITS BEEN CALLED ONE OF THE WORST VEHICLES IN THE GAME!! .
  5. He his BEYOND egotistical, when Mr Zero asks what would he do with the one billion space credits in prize money, he replies "Maybe with that money I'll sponsor the Pico cup!"
  6. Similar To Waluigi, His name is very unoriginal, he was just called Pico as they didn't even try to come up a better name.

Good Qualities

  1. His personality isn't too bad, he's not aggressive to the point where he's unlikable.
  2. While his vehicle is awful, he makes up for it by having the most badass F-Zero GX Racer Profile. The Wild Goose is also briefly used in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's race track area in the World of Light.
  3. He's not on this wiki for unlike-ability, he had good potential of being a good character. Sadly Nintendo and SEGA failed to see that.
  4. In the F-Zero anime he has a much larger role than in the video games.
  5. Speaking of this, his voice, provided by Sean Schemmel who is know for voicing Goku in Dragon Ball Z, is a lot more better and a lot more fitting.


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