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    Pickle and Peanut
    Pickle and Peanut.png
    "Sharks, swords, yogurt, kicks, fries, smartphones, hot tubs, yeah!"
    Gender: Male (both of them)
    Type: A Duo of Morons
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Pickle and Peanut
    Portrayed by: Jon Heder (Pickle)
    Johnny Pemberton (Peanut)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Pickle and Peanut

    Pickle and Peanut are the main titular duo of the 2015 Disney XD series of the same name. As their names say, they are respectively a pickle and a peanut. Pickle is a soft-spoken fellow who tends to take it slow on his own, while Peanut is a bold dreamer and schemer who puts his hyperactive energy into almost everything he does.

    Pickle is voiced by Jon Heder, and Peanut is voiced Johnny Pemberton.

    Why They (Intentionally?) Suck

    NOTE: They, along with the show itself, are meant to be bad.
    1. Their character designs are hideous and unappealing, and they even look like stolen pictures from Google with doodles drawn on them. In fact, out of all the character designs in Pickle and Peanut, their designs could be considered the worst in Disney history.
    2. Pickle cries whenever he gets insulted (and is also a punching bag), while Peanut is pretty much a mean-spirited character who gets Pickle into many situations while he's supposedly the more rational one, and he also forces him to do something Pickle doesn't want to do. Sounds familiar?
      • Speaking of which, they are nearly the exact same characters, with the only difference being the designs.
    3. Their voices are very annoying and stereotypical. The fact that they're voiced by Jon Heder and Johnny Pemberton, who are usually good actors, doesn't help how their talent was wasted.
      • Speaking of their voices, their singing voices are downright terrible. The songs they sing are just as ear-piercing as well.
    4. They are generally interested in just dating girls, doing immature activities, partying, and nothing more.
    5. Generally, whenever they're around people or wandering around in their lives, they act like complete morons that tend to be aimless or act somewhat mindless.
    6. They show little to no manners whenever they eat.
    7. They provide plenty of gross-out and inappropriate humor from time to time. One example of this is when they shared the nicknames in the same way that resembles male "special parts".

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They can be tolerable sometimes, particularly whenever they're not goofing around.
    2. They do have some funny moments.
    3. As mentioned in the note, they're supposed to be hated for all their insufferable antics.
    4. The two have shown to care about each other and often stand up for each other when they're in danger or teased by others.
    5. At least they have the intent of helping others and never go beyond selfishness or seeking revenge on occasional bullies.
    6. Pickle is a caring character who is protective of animals and his best friend.


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