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"It's not fair to let Button go!"

Phone, known as The Electric is a male contestant that only appeared in the first season of Object Mayhem.

Why He Is Intentionally Not Cool

  1. The main purpose of him existing is to be filler, as a fact, he's one of those generic "nice guys" in a show like Object Mayhem.
  2. Just like Sharpener and Camera, he's bland and doesn't do anything useful.
  3. Phone has shown to have no personality at all, especially since he just idles like a statue mostly.
  4. His voice is laughable. In fact, his voice sounds like a broken radio.
  5. He rarely receives any character development, adding the fact he is a pointless character.
  6. He once blamed Button just because Phone got eliminated, showing how not so nice he really is.
  7. His very existence can get boring quickly since he has no interesting moments or any other personality traits to him. His voice does not add the fact that it makes him look better.
  8. In episode 6, he said the MF-word on screen (thankfully, censored).
  9. His design looks more like a calculator rather than a phone.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He might be an intentionally bad character due to the fact he doesn't do anything to make his team win, making him left out from the team.
  2. His design is okay, even though he looks like a school calculator more than a regular phone.


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