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    Why can't this girl give Coop a break?
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Canadian Yandere
    Age: 9 (season 1)
    10 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tabitha St. Germain
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Phoebe is a supporting character of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. She is a Mexican Canadian girl who is madly in love with Coop Burtonburger. She spends most of her time trying to get him to be her boyfriend when he finds her creepy. Coop later on falls in love with Fiona Munson as of the second and final season, causing her to gain jealousy. She was voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, who is best known for her role as Kootie Pie/Wendy O. Koopa from the Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World shows, Scary Godmother in the Scary Godmother television film duology, Pepper Clark on Littlest Pet Shop, Martha on Martha Speaks, and the speaking voice of Rarity on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Why She Needs to Leave Coop Alone and Find Someone Else

    1. She is an unlikable creepy stalker who spends most of her time pestering Coop because of her obsessive crush on him. If you were thinking Tootie from The Fairly OddParents was one example of a yandere to Timmy Turner, then you're wrong since you're looking at another example. In fact, she can come off as the Canadian equivalent of Tootie considering their similar behavior.
    2. She cannot take a hint that Coop's not interested in her which is why Coop always screams whenever she shows up in front of him by Coop shouting: "AAH! PHOEBE!"
      • In her debut speaking episode "Cookie D'Uh", when she tells Millie if she beats her, she wanted to spend the afternoon with Coop, but Millie makes it a week instead and she agrees to it.
      • In "Class Act", she not only was on the stage in front of Coop, but she continuously was saying me so she can be picked to volunteer for the magic act but Coop chose Burt instead. When Kat screwed up Coop and Dennis's magic performance, she along with Millie, Lorne and Harley continuously chanted "Bring him back!" after Lorne and Harley booed at Coop and Dennis and after Millie was screaming.
      • In "You'll Be Show Sorry", she tells Coop that they're going to see each other at every pet show and even sharing a loveseat and she even mentions that the trainer travels with the team.
      • In "House of Scream", she scares Coop by telling him that she's going to hold him for the whole House of Horrors tour and made him uncomfortable.
      • In "Storm Drained", she held a sign that said I love Coop while cheering for Coop.
      • In "The Kitty Vanishes", when Coop got teleported to her sweetheart party by Kat, she fed him a cookie and gave him a milkshake without his consent. She even teased Coop and even called him Cooper Duper, which Lorne and Harley including everybody except for Dennis, who was at her sweetheart party laughs at Coop and Lorne even called him Cooper Duper. When Kat makes Coop give her chocolates, she thinks Coop was the one that gave her the chocolates. She also calls Coop Coopie, Coopie Pie and Coopie Woopie, like they're dating or even married.
      • In "Capture The Kat", she told Coop that she wanted to team up with him which made Coop uncomfortable.
      • In "Kat Whisperer", she forced Coop to whisper to Honey Fluff in an uncomfortable way and thought he had special powers and told everybody about it.
      • In "Hack Attack", she makes a show which is a song about Coop which made Coop uncomfortable and kissed him in front of a crowd which made them think that Coop likes her which got Coop embarrassed and she even took Coop's basketball when Coop missed a shot so she can make one. She even forced the people from her show to put banners of her, shirts of her which Old Lady Munson is wearing, pictures of her and flags of her.
        • The song she was singing about Coop goes like this: His name is Coop and I love him. I sing this song for my Coopie.
        • She called him Coopie like she did in the same episode when she hosted a sweetheart party.
      • In "Rhymes With Coop", she asks Coop if he could put sunscreen on her back and later asks if she could do the same to him. She also asks Coop if he can swim with her by getting on his board while he and Dennis were going to surf with Lorne and Harley.
      • In "Amazing Feet of Strength", she kisses a sign which has Coop's picture on it after making him say that he's her #1 fan. She also tried to give him a good luck kiss which made him uncomfortable.
    3. She is annoying and weird.
      • Like a lot of the characters in Kid vs. Kat, she behaves in really dumb and charmless ways.
      • Whenever things don't go her way, she starts to lose her temper and act mean-spirited.
        • In the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2 she forced Coop to go to her sweetheart party and when he lied to her by saying he had to do yardwork, she told Burt on him.
        • In the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2 when she asked Coop if he can put sunscreen on her back and lied to her by saying that he needed to watch his board. When she asked Coop if she can do the same to him, he lied to her by saying that he's allergic to coconut oil. When she was trying to get Coop to swim with her and share her snorkel with him, Coop lies to her by saying that he has to go shopping and when he and Dennis swim away on their boards this got her mad.
    4. Her voice is very ear-grating and annoying. What's not helping is that she's voiced by the same actress who does Dr. K and Wendy Koopa from the Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World shows.
    5. In season 2, she started to gain jealousy towards Fiona due to realizing she and Coop have a lot in common.
      • Speaking of season 2, in the theme song, she blows a kiss at Coop, when Kat was trying to get him with a cannon.
        • Her appearance in that season, her hair changes to a greenish brown.
    6. In "Crouching Cooper, Hidden Kat", after Lorne and Harley posted Millie and Kat beating Coop up, she along with Dennis, Lorne, Harley and the rest of Coop's classmates make fun of Coop when Phoebe is supposed to have a crush on him.
    7. Also in the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2, when Coop left her sweetheart party for the last time despite Kat teleporting him there, she put lip marks on his face offscreen, though this can be seen as hilarious.
    8. In "Kid vs. Kat vs. Christmas", she insults Santa before telling him what she wants.
    9. In "Flea Brains", when Kat hypnotized Coop and sent him to her house she thought he wanted a kiss from her and kisses his lips.
    10. She and Millie were at their worst in "Nuff Said", because her Greenie Girls scout leader forced them and the rest of the Greenie Girls scout troop to spit at Coop and Dennis after they defeated Kat because Kat destroyed their "planet". When she along with the scout troop and scout leader were at his house they spit at him again including her scout leader after she said hi to him before picking up Millie! Just like her scout leader, she didn't thank Coop when Coop and Dennis defeated Kat. Instead of quitting the scout troop and refusing to listen to her scout leader along with defending Coop, she stays in the scout troop, saves Kat from a tree and got nominated by the mayor to make Coop feel like he's the bad guy. Millie may treat her brother like that but Phoebe? The same girl who wants him constantly? Just like in the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#6, Phoebe is supposed to have a crush on him!
    11. She was also at her absolute worst in "Birthday Bashed" where she constantly bullies Fiona after learning that she and Coop get along very well, which represents her jealousy. However, Coop saved her life at the end of the episode.
    12. Whenever Phoebe expresses her jealousy, there are times she does this weird facial expression where she expresses an envy look on her face while her one pupil becomes tiny, and a brown ring surrounds it called the "Phoebe Eye", which looks creepy and nightmarish, but in an extremely bad way.
    13. She even has done things that are worse like leaving Fiona at the cavern and barricading the door to an abandoned log factory which locks her in, in the same episode as mentioned in WSNTLCAAFSE#11. The other bad part is that even after Fiona saved her life, she doesn't learn her lesson at all as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#10.
    14. She never gives up on Coop. Why can't she just understand that he doesn't have feelings for her at all?
      • In the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2, when she asked if Coop was going to watch her show, when Coop lies to her about moving to Antarctica and asks her if she hits a sour note, she pulls his cheek while making a perfect basketball shot.
      • In the short "Extra Special Delivery", when Coop's baseball went into her house, she was constantly trying to get him to kiss her all because Kat put flowers in her drink. She got her comeuppance at the end by kissing Kat so that Coop would get his baseball back from her.
        • Kat also got his comeuppance for having her cat Honey Fluff stalk him after Kat put flowers in her drink.
    15. Excluding her alternate future counterpart in "Kat to the Future: Part 2", she has no good reason to be in the series at all as she contributes nothing meaningful to the plot. In fact, she is just used as unnecessary filler in the show.
    16. The annoying and screechy thing she said in the episode "Never Cry Sheep" after learning that Coop got a present from Fiona: "WHO IS SHE?!!!"

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Her alternate future counterpart in "Kat to the Future: Part 2" is more likable.
    2. Despite how she never learned her lesson for a moment in the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#10, she does get her comeuppance at the end of the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#11, where Dennis tries to protect Fiona from her by using a shiny trophy as a mirror to let Phoebe see her "Phoebe Eye" through the reflection. The look of the eye scares her and makes her run away screaming, leaving Fiona alone.
    3. Phoebe can be slightly likable and a bit sympathetic at times.
      • In the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2, she did save Coop from one of Kat's traps.
        • Coop did save her life along with Dennis, Lorne, Harley and Old Lady Munson after kissing him when they were about to be crushed by the spiked walls that Kat activated.
      • In the same episode as shown in WSNTLCAAFSE#2, she did team up with Coop and Dennis against Millie, Lorne and Harley.
    4. When her voice isn't annoying, Tabitha St. Germain's voice for her can be pretty tolerable.


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