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Phillip Watson is a minor character from the Spider-Man comics. He is introduced as the father of Spider-man/Peter Parker's girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.

Can't you keep those kids quiet? Madeline, it's your fault I can't concentrate!

Why He Sucks:

  1. He is very frustrated as father when he yells his wife and kids when he was trying to write.
  2. He even yells at her daughters out of that.
  3. He treats her older daughter, Gayle, like a "dupe" and a poor misguided child that was only doing what he told her to do. Philip even slapped her for the dancing lessons that is costing him a fortune.
  4. He is the one to cause her wife, Madeline to gave up her marriage on him.
  5. He is especially selfless as a parent who treats Mary Jane like an unwanted daughter who cannot decide.
  6. He had and wanted Gayle in prison to keep her out of trouble in her life, and get a light sentence.
  7. In his Ultimate universe version as Greg Craig Watson, he tried to keep Mary Jane away from Peter when he discovered her daughter's diary about falling in a bridge (when Mary Jane was kidnapped and tossed down by the Green Goblin). Greg then treats Peter like a jerk who is accused to think that he took Mary Jane off the bridge. He then threaten to get Mary Jane out of Midtown High so that she and Peter will never see each other. He maybe such a selfless overprotective father, this would cause Mary Jane to leave the house from all the things her father has done. Unlike his mainstream counterpart, He dislikes Peter Parker as a boyfriend to her daughter.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities:

  1. In The Spectacular Spider-Man issue 219, He does regret his actions towards Mary Jane and revealed that he loves her mother when the family was falling apart.
  2. In the Ultimate Universe, he was thankfully broked up by her wife, so that he will no longer harm Mary Jane or Peter.


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