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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Sexual and violent content

    Phil Matibag
    "You got no game boy! All you got is that game you play by yourself in the bathroom" (yeah, THAT game) And by the way... Why and how on Earth is he a hero?!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Foul-mouthed hooligan jerk
    Age: Late teens
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ramon Lopez
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Nutshack

    Philip "Phil" Matibag is the main protagonist of the infamous 2007 Filipino American adult animated series The Nutshack. He is the cousin of Jack Colero and the nephew of Tito Dick. He was voiced by the show's creator, Ramon Lopez, who also voiced Horat.

    Why He's (Intentionally?) Got No Game Indeed and Should Be Kicked in the Nuts

    1. He is a very cocky, annoying, and immature hooligan protagonist who often acts like a huge jerk to everyone, including his cousin Jack, and doesn't care about breaking any laws.
    2. He has an incredibly ugly and uncanny character design that ranges from mediocre to horrendous, especially his smile, just like all the characters in the series. He looks like he has been steamrolled, even in the intro.
      • In fact, he is a notable example of bad character design.
    3. His voice is very uncomfortable to listen to as it sounds like he has a constant cold and/or sinus infection, and it's a bit hard to understand what he's saying.
      • With that said, Ramon Lopez did an abysmal job voicing him.
    4. Phil is a hooligan who isn't aware of and doesn't care about breaking any laws; he is frequently addicted to illegal drugs and ignores his manners, making him a criminal.
      • For example, he even went berserk in "420" after all the weed in his city disappeared.
    5. He is a huge jerk to everyone he comes across, especially towards his cousin, Jack.
      • Sometimes, he encourages Jack to get into trouble, like in "Blackapino", he teaches Jack how to act like an African American gangster, which results in Jack getting shot in the buttock region.
        • To add insult to injury, Phil shrugged off Jack being severely injured as everyone else was praying for Jack to heal, with Ed and Angel apologizing for mistaking Jack to be an actual gangster.
    6. He doesn't do well with women, which is often a joke among his friends since his tendency to masturbate is brought up a few times by Tito Dick in a mocking way.
    7. He loves to cause trouble and laugh at them instead of solving them.
    8. He provides a lot of disgusting and disturbing gross-out humor, such as:
      • Masturbating while on the toilet reading a porn magazine alongside his genitalia making a rooster sound in the pilot episode "Pilot", which the caption implies.
      • A running gag where he talks to his penis.
      • Farting in Jack's face, urinating all over the city, and sitting on a building naked in "Duck Karma".
      • Spraying semen in his superhero costume in "TT Boy and Kid Utot".
      • Picking his nose and putting them all over Jack's face in "Fatherland".
    9. He can be treated as a Butt-Monkey in some episodes, including:
      • He and Horat getting sexually pursued against their wills by a large group of homosexual men in the shower in "Road Trippin".
      • Getting made fun of by Ed, Angel, and Jack after he got a drag makeover by Cherry Pie; this resulted in Phil angrily stomping away, yelling, "I'm not an object!" as he flips them off in "Pimp My Jeepney".
        • Judging by the way he acts, you will most likely not feel bad for him in the slightest as he deserves it for being a criminal.
    10. The infamous scene in "Slasher" where he and Jack kiss each other on the lips is just not only gay but nonsensical considering they're cousins.
      • This can also be counted as incest because of them being cousins and not actual lovers! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, PHIL?!

    (Intentional?) Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite his nature, he cares deeply about people. However, he often hides it by bullying them and being rude to them as evident with how he treats Chita and Jack.
      • Surprisingly, he backed down and apologized to Cherry Pie for calling her slurs and misgendering her in "Got Surgery?" and said he loved her in "Duck Karma".
      • He at least asked Angel for help in resurrecting Jack after showing genuine distress when he dies in "El Bombadero".
    2. He does get his comeuppance for his rudeness, whether it's from Chita or Tito Dick. The scenes where Chita scolds Phil and/or throws stuff at him for being a jerk are pretty funny to watch too.
    3. He traveled to the Philippines to get to know his biological father in "Fatherland", which had a decent concept.
    4. His crying is unintentionally funny to listen to, despite his bad voice acting.
    5. Some scenes with him can be funny like him getting injured while snowboarding in "Road Trippin".


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