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"Excited? Who’s excited? I’m not Excited!"

Petunia Pig is a character from the Looney Tunes franchise and is Porky's love interest. She was voiced by Bernice Hansen in the original theatrical shorts and Grey DeLisle in later Looney Tunes works.

Unfortunately Frank Tashlin's original version of Petunia Pig is not considered as perfect as her later versions in the following years, and has more flaws than qualities.

Why She Sucks

NOTE: This is only focusing on how she was portrayed in Porky's Romance and Porky's Double Trouble.

  1. She refuses to accept Porky's proposal on her and laughs about it which drives Porky to committing suicide, which is just cruel and insensitive.
  2. Her design is pretty unappealing in her earlier appearances.
  3. She tries to hit on Porky during "Porky's Double Trouble".
  4. She only cared for Porky bringing her candy rather than Porky himself on "Porky's Romance".
  5. In Porky's nightmare sequence in "Porky's Romance", she became a lazy, overweight couch potato whom is addicted to candy and treats her husband Porky very poorly ever since she married him.
  6. She chooses to date the imposter over the real Porky on "Porky's Double Trouble".
  7. She doesn’t receive any punishment for how she treats Porky on those shorts.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her character improved a lot and became likable once Bob Clampett used her in two of his cartoons "Porky's Picnic" and "Naughty Neighbors" and the Clampett version of her was later used in Looney Tunes comics and modern Looney Tunes productions.
  2. She was likable on "The Case of the Stuttering Pig".
  3. She does show some sympathy for Porky and cared for him in her earlier appearances.


  • Petunia Pig along with Gabby Goat were originally going to appear in "Porky's Party", but they were replaced by two other one-off characters instead.



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