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    Peter Parker (Spider-Man 3)

    Peter Parker
    *finds out he's on this wiki* "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye."
    "You're the one being trash, Bully Maguire!" -Peter Parker's reaction to his flanderization.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Insensitive and Selfish Jerk
    The Dark Side of Peter Parker
    Bully Maguire
    Age: 21
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Tobey Maguire
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Spider-Man
    First appearance: Marvel Comics (actual)
    Spider-Man (2002)

    "Do the rudebox, shake your rudebox..."

    Robbie Williams's reaction to Peter's flanderization in Spider-Man 3

    Peter Benjamin Parker, also known by his superhero alter ego Spider-Man, is a fictional character portrayed by Tobey Maguire that was based on the comic book character of the same name. He was adapted for Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film in 2002, later appearing in two sequels, video games and a television series designed to be set within that continuity. He's the main protagonist of the Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film series, who later reappeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, as a side protagonist. He is portrayed by Tobey Maguire.

    Unfortunately, in the third film of the original film trilogy, he was horribly flanderized from being a kind and loving superhero to an unlikable, selfish, insensitive jerk even before he had the symbiote, which would spawn into the Bully Maguire meme, but he redeemed himself near the end and massively in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

    Why He Was Not Neighborhood Friendly (Bad Qualities)

    Note: This article will only talk about his character in the 3rd film.

    1. To start it off, he was flanderized from being a loving, kind, and "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man" to an insensitive and mean-spirited jerk before the symbiote attached itself to him.
    2. He neglects Mary Jane (who is no better by the way) when he brushes her offer to be there for him after he finds out that Flint Marko was the one who killed his uncle.
      • He was also insensitive when listening to her problems about her career, rather then sympathize, he compares it to his own career as Spider-Man.
    3. He goes as far as to kiss Gwen Stacy onstage, forgetting that he already has a girlfriend. Not only that, he uses the same upside-down kiss method that he did with MJ to kiss Gwen, which was dirty and out-of-character for him to do this. The real Peter would never do this. Granted, MJ herself was never the most faithful since she often kissed other guys while dating someone else, as their famous kiss was done while MJ was still dating Harry, and Peter's kiss with Gwen was merely done as a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, it's still off-putting that Peter couldn't understand why MJ would be upset.
    4. He goes as far as to dance with Gwen at the restaurant where MJ works just to make her mad, even upsetting Gwen in the process, to which he showed little reaction to it.
      • To make matters even worse, he downright hits MJ in a fit of rage after the dance while he was taking down bartenders.
    5. As well as MJ and the Sandman/Flint Marko, he is a major asshole towards other characters as well. When his landlord Mr. Ditkovitch asks him about his overdue rent, for example, he yells "YOU'LL GET YOUR RENT WHEN YOU FIX THIS DAMN DOOR!!" at him, despite the line being memorable and admittedly hilarious. How harsh can this possibly be?
      • Admittedly, he did this while wearing the symbiote suit, and once he removed it, he apologized to Mr. Ditkovitch. In real life, tenants have the right to withhold their rent if the apartment is damaged.
    6. When Harry tells him he's the other guy MJ is seeing and even mocking him about kissing MJ, he immediately attacks him. And to add insult to injury, during the fight, he says his deceased father never loved him and he was an embarrassment to him, and then he almost kills Harry by throwing a grenade at him. Granted, Harry threw it at him first, but he still could've dodged it without throwing it back.
    7. The scene where he dances in the street, while well-choreographed, is immensely cringeworthy and out-of-place, even for this movie.
    8. He's the fault that Eddie got the Venom Symbiote from him that transforms him into Venom by while tearing it off, the suit gets attached to Eddie which results to Eddie using this advantage to take revenge on Peter by having Sandman side with him and capturing his girlfriend. Other than that, Peter was a complete idiot in that moment for giving the Venom Symbiote to him to go on a rampage which the deaths of the teenagers and police officers, including Harry's death from Venom's murder on him, the capture of Sandman's daughter, Penny in the novel adaptation, and the near death of MJ was all on him.
    9. While he's not a weakling, he was nerfed in one scene where he failed to get the black webs off of him from Venom and gets himself punched repeatedly by Sandman and just lets allows himself to be almost killed.
    10. Because of his actions and faults, he is both also just "trash" and in Riot's words "nothing".

    Good Qualities

    1. He was a much better character outside of Spider-Man 3, in the Spider-Man comics, the first two films, the video games, and Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, he massively redeems himself towards the end of the film as he realized how much of a jerk he had been towards his loved ones after he accidentally hit Mary Jane Watson at the restaurant and talked to May in his apartment, where he stated that he'd done terrible things (after separating from the symbiote suit). He then asks Harry to help him defeat Venom and Sandman (who refuses at first, but after learning about his father's true death, he helps him), saves Mary Jane from falling to her death, defeats Venom, redeems Sandman, fixes his relationship with Mary Jane and discards the symbiote for good, and he massively redeemed himself in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
    2. Tobey Maguire still gives a great performance as him, and he still does a great job voicing him in the Spider-Man 3 video game.
    3. He still has several cool, memorable, and hilarious lines (despite some being cruel), such as:
      • "That all you got?"
      • "Stings doesn't it?"
      • "Look at little Goblin Jr., gonna cry?"
      • "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye."
      • "I was looking through some old photos and it looks very, uh... familiar."
      • "You're trash, Brock."
      • "You want forgiveness? Get religion."
      • "You should've thought of that earlier."
      • "Jig's up, pal."
      • "They love me!"
      • "How did that get in there?"
      • "See ya, chump."
      • "Find us some shade."
      • "Double time."
      • "Now dig on this."
      • "Take your hand off of me."
      • "All those tests and nothing!"
    4. While he was a major jerk to everyone, he still doesn't act that way to Aunt May, and is the only character he still acts nice and respectful around and still even listens her advices, where she tells Peter that Uncle Ben would never have wanted revenge after being told that his killer, Sandman, was "killed" by Spider-Man and that revenge is like a poison that can turn someone into something ugly.
    5. This version of Spidey is at least far more tolerable than his One More Day counterpart.
    6. Although he did it under the symbiote suit's influence, Peter was right to call Eddie out for fabricating Peter's photos of Spider-Man, exposed him as a fraud and getting him fired.
    7. Spider-Man is still incredibly handsome and attractive.
      • The design for Spider-Man's red suit is still very well made, and Spider-Man's black suit is very well made.


    • Over the years, the scenes where Peter dances on the street and in the club have become more popular, acknowledged as good scenes, despite being rather cringeworthy.
    • He is heavily responsible for spawning an infamous internet meme named after him named Bully Maguire.
    • The scene where he dances is admittedly very funny, and it would later become a meme.


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