Perfect Peter

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Perfect Peter
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"MUUUUUUUUM! Henry's being horrid!"
Gender: Male
Type: Annoying Gary Stu
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Emma Tate
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Horrid Henry

Perfect Peter is a main character in the Horrid Henry series created by American author Francesca Simon and British illustrator Tony Ross. He is the younger brother of the series' titular main character, Horrid Henry.

Why He's Anything BUT Perfect

  1. Two words: Gary Stu. That's it. That's the primary reason why he is terrible. Everyone in the family loves him because of his goody-goody behavior such as eating vegetables, watching Happy Hippos, always cheering at anything Horrid Henry dislikes and because of that, Henry is ignored. Heck, even his name makes him a Gary Stu, Perfect Peter is not only an unoriginal name but it truly defines a Gary Stu.
    • In fact, he isn't even that "perfect" in the first place as he did a lot of bad things on purpose. In the episode "Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge" he told on Henry when paint is accidentally spilled on him despite of it being his own fault. Worse, he even had a sadistic smile when his parents punished Henry.
    • He also became Horrid in "Perfect Peter's Horrid Day". Mum and Dad never punished him for being Horrid, and blamed Henry instead. At least in the ending, Peter got yelled at, so that was not too bad.
  2. His voice in the TV series is so annoying, IT WILL MAKE YOU WANNA RIP YOUR EARS OUT!!
  3. He was very unlikable in the episode "Horrid Henry Takes The Biscuit". In it, he was at his absolute worst. He blames Henry for the biscuits falling on the ground. Yes, it was kinda Henry’s fault for putting his backpack on the floor, but that doesn’t mean he has to rub the fact that he behaves better than him in Henry’s face. Plus he lied to Mum and tries to sell copies of the recipe when everyone in the school wanted to know what it was, soon he pulls a copy of the recipe in front of Henry’s class revealing to be carrots, making Henry the laughingstock of his class and Peter never got comeuppance for his actions. Oh, and his infamous line “He has no idea”.
  4. He was also at his worst in "Horrid Henry: Mi Casa Es Tu Casa", putting tape around the house so he and Henry have separate sides, which makes Henry's life harder. He even goes as far to make Henry pee in the bath and builds a giant wall in front of the TV while he watches it and changes the channel to Number Gnomes.
  5. His infamous wailing catchphrase, "MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM", can get your last nerve, especially in the television series.
  6. He never lets Henry do anything. Whenever Henry is doing something, he will go straight to tell his mother so that she grounds Henry.
  7. He likes everything that Henry hates and because of that, Henry is forced to do to the same thing such as in one of the stories, "Horrid Henry Rocks" from the book of the same name, Peter likes a show called Daffy and Her Dancing Daisies, the show that Henry hates with a burning passion. Because of Peter's childish behaviour, Henry is forced to go to the live show whereas all his friends watched a concert for "The Killer Boy Rats" (Henry's favourite band).
  8. His crying and wailing in the television series would make some want to wish they were deaf. He starts whining whenever Henry says "No" or "Silence Worm" whenever he tries to express his love to that thing that Henry hates. However, his parents are so brainwashed they should also discipline Peter and tell him not to speak when Henry wants to ignore. In other words, Peter himself asks for it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite how spoilt and annoying he can be, the fact that Henry is often disgracefully cruel to him might earn him a bit of pity (depending on who you ask) - but that still does not excuse his behaviour.
  2. At least he doesn't misbehave with adults and does everything his parents tell him to do (if done right).
  3. His character design is somewhat cute.
  4. He was actually helpful for Henry in some episodes.
  5. Although extremely annoying and super loud, Emma Tate did a good job voicing him.
  6. He does get punished for his actions sometimes.
  7. Horrid Henry most likely wouldn't be great without him.


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