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    Percy the Small Engine (seasons 15, 16, and All Engines Go!)

    Percy the Small Engine
    "Bust my Buffers! What happened to me?" - the real Percy's reaction to when Sharon Miller and Mattel flanderized him.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Overly Gullible Dimwit who praises and adores Thomas (seasons 15 & 16)
    Cowardly Engine (AEG)
    Age: 8
    Species: Saddle Tank Engine
    Portrayed by: Keith Wickham & Henri Charles (UK dub)
    Martin Sherman & Charlie Zeltzer (US dub)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: "Dark Age" Thomas and Friends
    All Engines Go!

    Percy the Small Engine is the deuteragonist of the Thomas & Friends series and in the British Railway Series books by Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher, published from 1945. He is Thomas the Tank Engine's best friend and the number six engine on the Island of Sodor. He is liked by the cast and is a fan favorite to all of the fans.

    Sadly, he was badly flanderized in seasons 15 through 16 and Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!.

    Why He Also Caused Confusion and Delay

    NOTE: This page will only talk about how he was badly butchered through seasons 15 through 16 and All Engines Go!

    Seasons 15 and 16

    1. He has been flanderized beyond recognition and has lost most of the charm and likability he had in the first seven seasons, although in S8-14, it varies whether he is in character or not. He has gone from a well meaning friend of Thomas to an idiot who obsesses over Thomas' attention.
    2. In "Day of the Diesels", he cried about Thomas spending time with Belle and Flynn which caused him to go to the types of diesels for attention, an example of why he obsesses over Thomas's attention. In fact, he cries over the smallest things that are not worth crying over.
    3. He causes just as much confusion and delay and screws everything up equally as Thomas does.
    4. He is pretty much portrayed as a generic "idiot" cliche.
    5. In "Percy and the Monster of Brendam" he goes on the stupidest journey to find a made-up monster Salty told him about, which proves that he is also very gullible.
    6. In "Percy's New Friends", he tries to befriend animals, but he keeps being loud which causes them to get scared and run away. Why would Percy need animals for friends? He's got plenty of friends already!
    7. His first two voice actors, Martin Sherman in the US dub and Keith Wickham in the UK dub (S13-16) were quite annoying. Keith Wickham's voice barely fits Percy as well.

    Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!

    1. For starters, his new design, while really cute to some, is also horrible to the point where it actually makes Lion-O's design from ThunderCats Roar and any other character thereof look decent by comparison.
      • His recognizable whistle sound got changed to a generic toy train whistle.
    2. Similar to the Powerpuff Girls in the infamous 2016 reboot, he also has very odd-looking facial expressions that look extremely uncanny, unappealing, and cringeworthy.
    3. His new voice is extremely annoying and high-pitched, due to the annoying voice performances from Henri Charles in the UK dub and Charlie Zeltzer in the US dub. While Charlie Zeltzer does try to sound lively as Percy (since it could be because he presumably is a fan of Thomas & Friends), the same cannot apply to Henri Charles since it sounded like he was bored or just didn't want to voice Percy at all.
    4. He has received even worse flanderization than the one he suffered from in the late Sharon Miller era as he is written as a complete coward to the point that would feel like Lofty the Crane or Courage the Cowardly Dog, but without the charm and likability of the aforementioned two characters.
      • He is now turned into a cowardly engine who wants to be told by Thomas.
    5. He is also indeed really bland as his personality could easily be placed in other characters showing that his personality is not really original.
    6. In the episode Music is Everywhere, he apparently twerks to ring his Lucky Bell. Keep in mind that AEG is a preschool show and twerking is a dance that is sexually provocative, thus making it innappropriate to its target audience.
      • To add insult to injury, Reboot Percy is a child. This means that he's also doing a child sexual offense in a show aimed at toddlers!
      • Percy could've easily done something else in order to ring is bell as the cartoony nature of the reboot offers countless and more kid-friendly alternatives. For example, putting it in his mouth and shaking it.
      • The fact that he twerked brings to mind the scene where Bubbles and Blossom twerk in the PPG Reboot. However, unlike them, Reboot Percy wasn't controlled by anyone and twerked willingly. This makes the scene where Percy twerks unjustifiable.

    Very Useful Qualities

    Seasons 15 & 16

    1. He still cares about his friends.
    2. He was a much better character in seasons 1-14 and has massively redeemed himself throughout seasons 17-24, but sadly, got flanderized again in All Engines Go!.
    3. After season 18, his voice actors were replaced by Christopher Ragland in the US dub and Nigel Pilkington in the UK dub. These two actors are pretty good and are a big improvement over the previous two actors.
    4. His design is still great.
    5. He was tolerable in some episodes.
    6. Just like Jerry in the Gene Deitch era and SpongeBob in seasons 6b & 7, his flanderization was short-lived as he was flanderized for only two seasons, unlike the others who had been flanderized longer than him.

    Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!

    1. While his new design isn't as good as his original one, it still keeps many features that made the original Percy recognizable (e.g. the green paint, red stripes and the number "6"). Additionally, he still has his original 0-4-0 configuration (whereas engines like Gordon and Nia had their configurations changed).
      • Also, his new design can be really cute to some as mentioned above.
    2. Despite being heavily flanderized on this show, at least he still has most of his original cheeky, and naive personality from the original series.
    3. He was a much better character outside of this reboot and the late Sharon Miller era of the original show, which makes Percy's flanderization sadder.


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