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    Peppa Pig
    She's an absolute pig, and that’s no pun intended. But, what's the main problem with that?
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled, Ungrateful, Rude, Bratty Child
    Age: 4
    Species: Pig
    Portrayed by: Lily Snowden-Fine (2004)
    Cecily Bloom (2006-2007)
    Harley Bird (2009–2020)
    Amelie Bea Smith (2020-present)
    Sydney Patrick (US dub)
    Media of origin: Peppa Pig
    First appearance: Muddy Puddles

    Peppa Pig is a 4-year-old pig and the titular main protagonist of the United Kingdom's animated TV series Peppa Pig. She is the daughter of Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig, and the older sister of George Pig.

    "It's Not Funny!" Qualities

    1. The main problem with her character is that she treats other people mostly poorly as she often acts like a huge brat towards them and is often a jerk for seemingly no reason whatsoever.
    2. She is really mean towards her family members.
      • She is mostly rude towards her father as she often fat-shames him for no apparent reason and treats him like a punching bag. Even if her dad is overweight, constantly fat-shaming him is not only cruel and mean, but it is also offensive to obese people who want to lose weight.
      • She is also rude to George Pig most of the time, as she often excludes him whenever one of her friends comes over to visit, and whenever he does something that Peppa doesn't want him to do, she ridicules and jeers at him.
    3. Her design, while cute and not too bad, much like with all the other characters in the show, is too simplistic and poorly drawn.
    4. She's a "karma houdini" as she almost always gets away with being nasty to others and receives little to no consequences at all for her actions:
      1. An example is "Richard Rabbit Comes to Play", Peppa and Suzy force George and Richard to stop playing with their dinosaurs and they make them play with doctors which they don't want to play with and ends up making the two cry. Instead of scolding Peppa and Suzy for being rude to George and Richard, Peppa's parents let them all go outside and jump in muddy puddles. Thus, Peppa doesn't get punished for being rude to others, despite this episode having a good ending. Not to mention, the whole episode would have never happened if Peppa and Suzy didn't force George and Richard to stop playing with their dinosaurs or if they just played in another room of the house.
      2. Another example is "Swimming" where she is teasing and being mean to George, Richard and Daddy Pig and of course never get punished, scolded, called-out or didn't even get any consequences. While it could be possible that the parents didn't hear Peppa saying that George and Richard are bad swimmers, she fat shamed Daddy Pig in front of everyone, so she should at least get a scolding or get called-out.
    5. Peppa always refuses to accept it when someone else wins in a game. Whenever she loses a game, she acts like a sore loser and comes to the conclusion that the other player "cheated" or intentionally did something to mess her up when they clearly didn't. In fact she usually goes so far as to the most unrealistic things all because she loses in a game,
      • In fact, she falls out with her best friend Suzy Sheep all because she lost in a game of Snap.
      • In the episode where they play soccer, Danny Dog, who was on the other team scores and Peppa remorselessly says "This is a silly game!", but it turns out he accidentally scored the wrong team, which meant Peppa and her teammates got a point, and she instantly changes her mind and says, "This is a great game!".
      • She constantly says "It's not fair!", just because the odds aren't in her favour.
      • Whenever she fails at something she only did once, she calls it "impossible", proving just how much of a sore loser she is.
      • Another example is in "Bat and Ball", where she was scolding her friends for playing a game and she acts like a poor sport. To make matters worse is that this was in season 6, which is when she was starting to improve as a character.
      • In "Sports Day", she blames Suzy for causing them to lose saying she was talking to her while arguing, which is hypocritical as she then said to George you can’t always win later in the episode.
      • In one episode, "Snow", although it was an accident, she throwed a snowball at George. Of course, she didn't want this to happen, but she is three years older than her brother and should be mature and careful.
      • In another episode, she rubs it in George's face that his balloon is going to the moon, which make poor George cries. What a great example of a big sister you are, Peppa.
    6. She often gets angry and worked up over the pettiest reasons. For example, she gets angry at Suzy because she accused her of being a chatterbox in "Chatterbox", after which Peppa tries to never talk again, which doesn't make sense. You don't make a decision to never talk again just because someone tells you that you talk too much.
    7. She almost never gets any character development throughout the show as she never learns from her mistakes, wrongdoings; neither does she feel remorseful about her actions (sometimes).
    8. She is very deceitful about what she likes to play with, as she only cares about doing "girl activities" like playing with dolls and wearing red dresses and gets tricky when she does "boy activities", making her sexist.
      • An example of her being sexist is when she tried to ban boys from coming into her treehouse.
    9. While she was tolerable in the first two episodes of the series, as of the third episode, "Best Friend", she has been derailed to become much bossier than she was before.
    10. She can have a bad influence on children watching the show, as she can do things that are dumb or straight-up dangerous:
      • Like said earlier, she has a habit of jumping in muddy puddles, which may encourage children to have self-neglect on their own hygiene.
      • In "Mister Skinnylegs" and "Spider Web", Peppa and her family can be seen playing around with a spider that they found. Considering that while most other spiders are harmless in other countries, Australia, however was home to lots of DEADLY VENOMOUS spiders. Therefore, these episodes have been permanently banned from ever airing in Australia due to having this moral.
      • It is made even worse when you actually think about it that if the said aforementioned episodes encourage people to play with a brown recluse spider in Australia, if you can imagine what damage a spider's venom could do to an adult that got bitten, imagine what that could do to an actual child. That is one big demographic show for a whole.
    11. She is one of the main reasons the show is mediocre, as she is the protagonist, and most people probably won't like a show with a mean and unlikable main character.
      • In fact, she appears in every episode of the series, which means we have to put up with her in many episodes (even though she is likable in many episodes, especially in the more recent seasons).

    "I'm Peppa Pig, OINK!" Qualities

    1. She can admittedly be decent sometimes (though normally when she is not bratty).
      • Despite being poorly drawn, her design can be considered cute.
      • Her bad behaviour can be excused somewhat, due to her young age.
    2. While she is a "karma houdini", there are times she does at least get her karma or comeuppance.
      • She also got her comeuppance in "Snowy Mountain" her car went backwards behind the school bus which is deserved as she didn't stop Daddy Pig from going up wasting his gas. And she along with her friends went backwards for trying to walk the slope which will never work.
      • In "Piggy in the Middle" she got slightly scolded by her mother for teasing George.
      • At times, she does apologise for her actions, such as in "Snow", where she apologises to George for being too rough, in "The Quarrel", where she tries to apologise to Suzy because of the quarrel they had, and at the pilot episode, where she apologises George after popping his balloon, and she gives her balloon to George.
    3. Her United Kingdom's voice can sound decent or passable, thanks to Lily Snowden-Fine, Cecily Bloom, Harley Bird, Amelie Bea Smith, and even her United States' voice actress, Sydney Patrick, voicing her.
    4. She sometimes does care and can be nice to her family and friends.
      • Compared to her mum and dad, she has a better relationship with her grandparents, so at least she respect elders.
      • She still has a better friendships with some of her friends, like Delphine.
      • In some episodes, she is shown to reconcile with Daddy Pig, George, and/or her friends at times.
    5. There are several moments where she is likable (or oftentimes tolerable) like "Thunderstorm", when she didn't act bratty here, "International Day", despite being a bad episode mainly due to how she defends George from Suzy, among others.
      • She was pretty likable during the first two episodes of the show; it wasn't until "Best Friend", which started the downfall of her character.
    6. Despite being a bad influence she can sometimes teach children good lessons in episodes such as:
    7. To be honest, she never gets her comeuppance, so it's normal that she doesn't learn her lesson.
    8. She has slightly begun to improve since season 5.
    9. She can be funny at times.


    • Peppa, along with Little Bill, Sid the Science Kid, Bob the Builder and (in the case of Estonia's Marken Prits) the Numberblocks are some of the recurring victims from GoAnimate/Vyond grounded videos, and the main victims are Caillou and Dora the Explorer. Peppa has been shown using her left hand, implying she might be left handed or ambidextrous.
    • Peppa has only cried three times in the entire series and the song, once during "The Golden Boots", once during "The Boo Boo Song" and once as a baby in a flashback of the episode "The Olden Days".
    • She loves to eat spaghetti.
    • In merchandise, its common to find Peppa in colourful patterned dresses she never wore during the series.
    • Peppa makes a cameo in Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. A stuffed doll of her is visible in Lucy's bedroom.
    • Holly's fairy costume may also be a reference to Peppa's, which contains a pink dress and gold crown.
    • She resembles another book cartoon pig by the name of Olivia.
      • Both like the colour red.
      • Both of them have a little brother who favours the colour blue.
      • They share similar personality traits.
      • Both of them have a father that works in architecture.
    • Lots of people claim that Peppa is 5. However, this is false as she is 4 years old.
    • Peppa is the only character who appears in every episode of the series.
    • It was revealed that she lives in the United Kingdom in the episode "Hollywood".
    • Before "My Birthday Party", Peppa was three years old. This is quite strange however, since Peppa is fairly fluent in English, especially compared to a 3-year old.
    • She can be shown as shy at times.



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