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    Penelope Lang (Atomic Betty)

    Penelope Lang
    Self-obsessed girl, who thinks of herself as the most popular girl at her school and believes she's better than Betty.
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled Rich Girl
    The Canadian Equivalent of Moody Margaret
    Age: 11 (season 1)
    12 (season 2)
    13 (season 3)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Catherine Disher
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Atomic Betty
    First appearance: Toxic Talent

    Penelope Lang is one of the supporting characters from Atomic Betty. She is Betty Barrett's self-obsessed rival. Her favorite thing is ridiculing the other students, Betty and Noah in particular.

    She is rich, spoiled, and often uses her popularity or wealth to undermine Betty's social standing, a plan that inevitably goes wrong and violently backfires on Penelope every time. She is usually seen with her two sidekicks named Megan and Sarah.

    She was voiced by Catherine Disher.

    Why She's (Intentionally?) a Jerk to Betty

    1. Similar to Connie D'Amico, Mindy and Moody Margaret, she is one of those mean popular girls and hates Betty.
    2. She bullies Betty Barrett and dislikes Noah, thought not as much as Betty.
    3. Her voice by Catherine Disher (while decent) can be annoying at times.
    4. She is annoying and unlikable, with little to no redeeming qualities.
    5. Her appearance looks more of an adult than a child.
    6. She is used to getting her own way, even if it means stepping all over other people. In fact, she enjoys getting her own way more if she has to step over other people to do so.
    7. In "Bracelet Yourself", she steals Betty's bracelet which is property of the Galactic Guardians and causes the Star cruiser to lose control.
    8. She never learns her lesson and always act like she's above all others.
    9. She rarely gets punished for her actions, making her a karma houdini.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Catherine Disher did a good job voicing her.
    2. With the exceptions of a few episodes like "Bee Movie", she does get punished for her actions, though this isn't enough to remove her from the karma houdini category.
    3. Her dislike for Betty is somewhat reasonable, though it doesn't excuse her behavior.
    4. Penelope Lang's character design is cute.
    5. Making her unlikable was probably intentional.



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