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    Penelope (SuperMarioLogan)

    Penelope (SuperMarioLogan)
    Penelope you need to not tell Junior to shut up even when he's annoying you.
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Girl Junior gets picked on by.
    The Muffy Crosswire of SML
    Age: 16 (February 3, 2008)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rachel DeLuca (Hunky Cody! - The Class Pet!)
    Elaina Keyes
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan
    First appearance: Hunky Cody

    Penelope Guy is a recurring character in the SuperMarioLogan series. She is the daughter of Brooklyn T. Guy.

    Why She Needs to Shut Up (Bad Qualities)

    1. She gets very pissed off at Junior whenever Junior annoys her.
    2. She is a rather bland for the most part character, and the character she does have revolves around getting annoyed by Junior's antics and obsessively having a crush on Cody; much like Joseph, she barely has any interesting qualities of her own that don't directly revolve around other characters.
    3. In most videos, she has no point as she doesn't contribute that much to the plot except to serve as the token butt-monkey and Mary Sue.
    4. In "The Class Pet!", she blames Junior for the death of the school's pet fish and threatened to get him expelled for it, despite knowing that Cody was the one who dropped it in the garbage disposal, and Junior stating that Brooklyn Guy was the one who turned it on.
    5. In "SQUID GAME", she laughed at Junior for getting an F on his test. Then, during the Misfortune Cookies challenge, she sadistically taunts Junior as he tries to cut out a circle without breaking the cookie. When Junior does survive, Penelope becomes disappointed and yells out "Aww, I wanted it to break!" What's worse is that in the end, she didn't get any punishment for her actions and won, thus making her a karma houndini.
    6. In "Junior's Essay", she called Junior at 3:00 in the morning about her break up with her boyfriend for two hours when he should've been writing his essay.
    7. In "The Dream Machine!", in Junior's dream, she and the rest of the class laugh at Junior for being fat. This proves that Penelope is having an emotional impact on Junior with how rude she is.
    8. In "Junior's Black Eye!" she made fun of Junior after Cody gave Junior a black eye twice.
    9. She was at her absolute worst in "Junior's Sleepover Mission!" where she and the rest of the girls were planning to send every boy to Jupiter so they can get the boys more stupid even though Cody was invited to her sleepover, though this can be seen as hilarious.
    10. Her loud and shouty voice by Elaina Keyes is very nasal-sounding and irritating, which isn't helped by her habit of groaning in an annoying manner. Like the SML version of Rosalina (who is also voiced by Elaina Keyes, her tendency of screaming, and sometimes crying, is obnoxious; unlike Rosalina though, this is Penelope's default voice, and she rarely speaks at a more tolerable volume. It's to the point the series itself has mocked this, with Junior commenting in one episode that Penelope's "always so loud for no reason".
      • Her voice by Elaina Keyes sounds moody all the time, even when she is expressing different emotions.
      • Her catchphrase, "Shut up, Junior!" can get on your last nerve.
    11. She is prone to being a hypocrite:
      • She hates Bowser Junior due to his childish and mean nature, yet she tends to that way towards him.
      • In "Jeffy's Show And Tell!", when Cody presents two coke bottles for show and tell, Junior and Joseph heckle him. Penelope calls them out for it, but when Cody shows his and Ken's names of the bottles, she calls him a loser.
    12. In "Brooklyn Guy The Liar", she wished for Brooklyn Guy to go one full day without lying and caused him to make it worse for himself in his life and his jobs and what is worse is that she never even cared and didn't show remorse even after telling the wish.

    Good Qualities

    1. Her character design is admittedly pretty decent and cute, especially by SML's standards.
    2. As mentioned on WSS#3, her annoyance and frustration with Junior is usually understandable since he tends to act perverted towards her, as well how he makes fun of her on occasions. Also, she does get along with Junior in some episodes and has her moments of acting nice and compassionate.
    3. Her original voice given by Rachel in her first two episodes was decent, it sounded nice, and it was much calmer compared to her current voice. While it's rare for her not to shout post her recast, her new voice does can also sound fine the few times she isn't shouting.
    4. Her excessive crush on Cody does end in "Spin the Bottle!" after she finds out that Cody is gay. She is also a nice friend towards him.
    5. To be fair, her hatred of her father isn't entirely unjustifiable since Brooklyn T. Guy, while trying to be a good parent to her, was a bit neglectful towards her and there were times where he would openly vent about how he regrets having her for a daughter.
    6. While she tends to be karma houdini, there are some cathartic moments where she does get put in her own place:
      • In "The Class Pet!", when Penelope threatened to have Junior in trouble, he, Joseph, and Cody tie her up and lock her in the closet to prevent her from telling the teacher.
      • In "Career Day!", she starts belittling her father and even says that Debra raises her better than him. This results in Brooklyn Guy going on rant about how Debra is actually a fat, lazy, glutenous and underachieving mother who spends most of her time collecting the child support checks from him and eating at the buffet at Golden Corral, humiliating Penelope in the process.
      • In "Jeffy's Show and Tell!", after she insults Cody during his show and tell, the tables are turned on her as she gets booed off when she presents her baby blanket.
      • In "The School Bus!", Penelope is thrown off the bus by Barbara after being mistaken for using cologne, which although was quite mean-spirited, was very satisfying and hilarious.
      • In "Cody's Curse!", Penelope got turned into a broccoli offscreen when Cody says the "You Are What You Eat" phrase, inadvertently creating a curse where everyone turns into anything they eat, which is hilarious. She also gets eaten by Junior at the end of the episode, which is justified since she mocked Junior in the previous episode, which is hilarious.
    7. She was at her absolute best in "Junior Goes to Legoland!" where she covers for Junior, Joseph and Cody after being blackmailed, but rightfully scolds Junior after harming Cody, who at that point of the video was covered in bandages and couldn't move.


    1. It is revealed that Penelope is actually Brooklyn T. Guy's daughter.
    2. Penelope used to be voiced by Rachel DeLuca but is now currently being voiced by Elaina and has since replaced Rachel, starting with "Fat Junior!".



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