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Pencilmiss is a character from Pencilmation. She is (supposedly) Pencilmate's love interest, although she sometimes does things to upset him.


Why She Sucks

  1. While she doesn't like Pencilmate, she sometimes acts too harsh on him and screams at him all the time like Princess Zelda from the TV series.
  2. Her design is generic, as she is just... somewhat a recolor of Pencilmate, except with long pink hair tied in a ponytail and a dress.
  3. She is rude, immature, and very unlikable.
  4. Plus, due to her rude behavior towards Pencilmate, she is both a Mean Popular Girl and a Mary Sue at the same time.
  5. Most of the time, she never gets any comeuppance for that, meaning she is a Karma Houdini.
  6. At one point, she was in a thumbnail where she farts on Pencilmate's face.
  7. Despite her rude actions to Pencilmate, she sometimes accepts him for literally no reason.
  8. Her whistling voice in this episode is annoying to listen to and ear-piercing.
  9. For some reason, she makes messes when she makes pie. She doesn't even clean it up at all.
  10. To make matters worse, she commits animal cruelty. She screams at animals and caused them to get scared.
  11. She is gluttonous, as she eats Pencilmate's food when he isn't looking in one episode.
  12. One time, she tried to kill a mouse and even Pencilmate with a chainsaw. Say, does that remind you of other characters?
  13. She once uses her superpowers only to crush someone under a rock, and it was a kid. That means she's a child abuser.
  14. When Pencilmate was trying to kill a mosquito, she makes a riot on him all because he hit people by accident in the process.
  15. Because of the aforementioned reasons, she is one of the reasons why her show is on the Terrible TV Shows Wiki.
  16. She is arguably even worse than Pencilmate.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite her hating Pencilmate, she does care about him and can't live without him.
  2. She did help out in some episodes.
  3. Her design is cute.
  4. Pencilmation would definetly not be the same without her.
  5. She can be likable by some fans.
  6. She does get her comeuppance at times.