Pencilmate (Pencilmation)

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Gender: Male
Type: Immature Idiotic Drawn Protagonist
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Pencilmation

Pencilmate is the main protagonist of the YouTube show, Pencilmation. He is a childish, immature adult who often gets into mischief.

Why He Should Get Erased

  1. Whilst it is noted that his personality is of a fun-loving, immature adult who acts like a child, this often at times can get annoying and aggravating, especially in certain episodes.
  2. His design is generic. He is basically just white, and has a blue shirt, though it is a step up from his original design, which was just white entirely.
  3. Like with Scrappy-Doo, his "HAA, HA-HA!" catchphrase gets old in no time.
  4. He can act disgusting or disturbing, such as times when he's twerking and picking his nose.
  5. It is shown he is quite heartless and doesn't even care about his own peers, because once, he abandoned his friend. When Mini Pencilmate got captured by aliens, he just abandons him there... after coming to save him.
  6. Speaking of which, he can act extremely mean-spirited and toxic to others, playing jokes and pranks that only hurt others. For example, in one episode, he tricked Mini Pencilmate with chocolate and then ate it, which is a kinda messed up prank.
  7. He is even mean-spirited to his world around him; for example, he once bullied the sun by morphing his head into it to mock it just because he could.
  8. He is a huge crybaby, which despite still being part of his personality, can get annoying.
  9. Sometimes, he can make ugly or disturbing faces, like in this scene (depending on your view).
  10. He likes to cause trouble all of the time:
    1. He makes a mess at the mall just to find clothes and causes people to look at him.
    2. He destroyed Mini Pencilmate's invention.
    3. He went on a rampage when he got the number 7718 when it was actually his bill to pay for the food.
  11. In a scene where he drank coffee, he made an ugly face and went into a room where he shouldn't be, which actually looks like he tried to reference him getting drunk. Very child-friendly, Pencilmate.
  12. He can sometimes be hypocritical, like when he acts like he does not like kale, but eats it anyway or when he sings about not being afraid of anything but gets scared of anything that pops up.
  13. Sometimes, he can be a massive punching bag to others as he always gets picked on by them, especially because of his friends (e.g. Big Red Box and Mini Pencilmate) and his equally bad wife, Pencilmiss.
  14. There are times where he never gets any comeuppance whatsoever, but luckily to the point where he's not a full Karma Houdini.
  15. Because of the aforementioned reasons, he is one of the many reasons why his show is on the Terrible TV Shows Wiki.

Redeeming Qualtites

  1. He can be likable at times, and also there are still a few fans who root for him.
  2. Although it's generic, its design is nice and also somewhat cute.
  3. Pencilmation would definitely not be the same without him.
  4. He usually gets punished for his actions, thus not making him a full Karma Houdini.
  5. He doesn't act gross at times.
  6. His relationship with Pencilmiss isn't so bad despite her hating him.


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