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    "all these years of documenting... reduced to shavings. And this is terrible."
    -The Real Pencil's Reaction When She was Flanderized
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Pencil
    Species: No. 2 Pencil
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Total Firey Island

    Pencil is one of the original 18 contenders in the comic series; Total Firey Island, later as one of the main twenty in Battle for Dream Island. She is a member of the Squishy Cherries in BFDI, Team No-Name in BFDIA, later on Freesmart, and iance in BFB. Though she was tolerable on most of the first season, she was badly flanderized/butchered ever since Battle for Dream Island Again on the first portion, and more noticeably in Battle for BFB.

    Why She Should Be Dulled Now


    1. This season was the actual beginning of her mean-spirited flanderization.
    2. She continued to help the large group of objects in exterminating Leafy by the use of a Leafy detector in "Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know".
    3. In the same episode, after she and the chosen contenders were put into team drafts, she continually fought with Donut when he slapped her after she stated to him that "Sometimes you got to deal with it.". The fighting didn't stop until Puffball gave a solution to the issue.
    4. After she sucked up the flames after coming into contact with Firey and being shocked with Donut's choice of balance, she says; "You'll pay for this Donut!" and breathes out the fire he sucked in earlier, in which the flames then engulf Book to death. While it was accidental, she didn't apologize for her act.
    5. In "Get Digging ", she called W.O.A.H. Bunch losers along with a few others, which is being a bad sport.
    6. At the same portion, she pours a ton of ingredients (many of which are completely useless) in the yoylestew which is overusing items and making the stew more complicated than it already was. (She wasn't the only one that's guilty of this, but still.)
    7. In "Insectphobe's Nightmare 3", she and her alliance (Match & Ruby), excused themselves from the contest. This makes herself and her alliance, traitors to the team and it was just an excuse to spend girl time and recovering Bubble, which was pretty selfish of her and her friends.
    8. She along with Match were happy when Spongy got eaten by Fries in "Zeeky Boogy Doog", which is pretty mean the more you think about it. To be fair, it could be due to the fact that Spongy fell on her for no reason in BFDI. However, it isn't justified since Spongy got eliminated as punishment later on. Not helping is that Spongy didn't even mean to fall on her (probably) and that he's usually a nice person.
    9. In the same episode, she got unreasonably mad at Bubble, even having the urge to call her "Bad Bubble" and telling to Bubble herself that she was just wasting her and Match's time when she (Bubble) got popped by accident after she (Pencil) and Match recovered her.
    10. Speaking of Bubble, Pencil should've asked for consent from the host before recovering her.
    11. While her anger towards Golf Ball is justified in that very episode, she put it out harshly towards her. This led to her having an unbearable death as a result.
    12. When Book and Ice Cube went to the alliance party in The Club of Awesomeness in "Get in the Van", after Pencil sees them; she is mad, calls both Ice Cube and Book monstrosities, and clarified to Bubble that Ice Cube and Book are alternates; meaning that they can join the alliance if one of them (Pencil, Match, Bubble and Ruby) leaves. That is not how alliances work!
    13. She is her ABSOLUTE WORST during the elimination of that very episode, where she wants Spongy gone because he cried worried tears of being eliminated, which is just "heartless".
    14. She defends Match when a user called "Epicfaceness483" states that Match herself is selfish, which is weak of Pencil herself because it's actually true.
    15. When it was confirmed that Match was eliminated, Pencil commits the Elimination Prevention Plan to keep her in the game. Not only is she disobeying the rules of the game, but she is also cheating, not to mention that she is acting like a coward due to the fact she cannot live without her, when she already dealt with that in the first season of the franchise.
    16. Hypocrisy...
      • When she separated herself and her alliance from Golf Ball's team; "No Name", she calls her alliance FreeSmart just because Match stated that, "We are so super smart!". However, she (Pencil) rejected the word "Freedom" because it felt like an offensive slang to her due to it being called "free-dumb". Not only is this dumb (no pun intended), but she is also forgetting that she has been actually dumb due the other qualities as mentioned above, BFDI and the later BFB.
      • She also lets Book and Ice Cube stay with her, Match, Bubble and Ruby in their new team. Is she forgetting that she called them monstrosities, and wanted them out at the party in WSSBD#11?!
      • Her dumb personally is also shown in "No More Snow" , as she states to Ruby which button who she...
    17. After the FreeSmart Van lands on the other side of the gapped canyon during the challenge, Pencil uses it to shove Rocky, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball along with her alliance and herself, into Evil Leafy. To be fair, one or two of the three No Namers would get in the ripoff even if the van stopped, but it felt intentional since she makes fun of Book's concern for them later in "No More Snow".
    18. In "No More Snow", she yelled at Ruby when she asked her if she should push the button out of curiosity, stating; "Of course, you dum-dum, OF COURSE YOU PRESS IT!". This leads to Ruby's understandable act of weeping in which Pencil gives a half-hearted apology.
    19. This type of apology is further shown due to her pressuring Ruby for not pushing the right button and not going to gem school for it, which is for diamonds as mentioned by Book. Also she gives another half-hearted apology to Ruby.
    20. When she was transported to the Hell universe after losing the challenge in "Catch These Hands", she calls Spongy who she believed to be Bubble "uglier than usual". This just shows how unlikeable she truly is behind even her own alliance member's back. Thankfully Spongy put her in her place.
      1. Her design is also nightmare fuel, depending on your view.
    21. In that same episode, she also squishes Fries when he decides not to talk in a verbose robot voice fashion along with everyone else.

    Battle for B.F.D.I.

    1. Her leadership is what made her very mean-spirited nowadays. Even worse, that made her get named "The Mean Leader".
    2. There isn't much of a reason as to why she's the leader anyway. She stripped that role from Bubble, who should've been the leader since she formed the alliance.
    3. She forces Lightning to zap people and brought the agony to Fanny. She even made Spongy cry while doing this, cheering Lightning on along with Match!
    4. She hates Spongy for no good reason other than him being "fat and smelly".
    5. She unfairly scolded her crying teammate, which is Ruby. Granted, she did have a reason to scold her, but still.
    6. She ungratefully demoted Bubble into a "Bember".
      • This also could have inspired Match to demote Bubble to a bemb.
    7. She even went as far as to cause a disastrous chain reaction, as when she called Bubble "Bember", she lets go of Lightning and he zaps Fanny, with Bubble crying. She and Match are also looking at them with evil grins on their faces.
    8. She abandoned Match, her best friend, out of FreeSmart, just because she thinks she is "too needy", however, this was reasonable.
    9. Her label, "The Mean Leader", makes her very obvious to be a hated character.
    10. She usually has big reactions to the smallest mistakes, for example, she gets annoyed that Bubble kept dying.
    11. Pencil gets disgusted by the boys in the EXIT in BFB 10, making her a misandrist.
      • Leafy herself points out that she excludes people not in her cliques, like the aforementioned boys.
    12. She is the reason why Bubble got a toxic hatedom since she is responsible for making her whiny.
    13. She falsely apologized again to Naily when Loser reprimanded him, which is shown by her intentional lack of eye contact.

    Redeeming Qualities


    1. Even though it was hypocritical, she rightfully calls Golf Ball out for manipulating the team, such as in "Get in the Van" when she didn't promise not to switch teams so she can make the decisions that are best for her game.
      1. Because of this, Ice Cube, Book, and Ruby also did not promise and formed the team FreeSmart.
    2. She and Match were kind enough to allow Book and Ice Cube into FreeSmart, despite casting them out as alternates in the past (meaning they were originally not allowed to join unless an alliance member is eliminated).
    3. She is improving starting with "Well Rested", although some flaws still remain.
    4. She gets some satisfying comeuppance in "Catch These Hands", where she catches on fire in the hellish world without explanation, and nobody wants to help her since she's a jerk, including Spongy, who she called ugly earlier.
    5. Like everyone else in the hellish world, she had some funny moments. Her reaction to looking at herself in the mirror is perhaps the funniest part of BFDIA 9.

    Battle for B.F.D.I.

    1. She got her comeuppance when iance became the first team to go up for elimination, and she was the first contestant eliminated.
    2. She is a much kinder person in the EXIT.


    1. Michael Huang still does a good job voicing her, as long as it is not her yelling and/or screaming.
    2. She still has the design ever since the first episode of BFDI, so she still lives up to her name in appearance.
    3. She was much more likable in BFDI (most notably in earlier episodes), and tolerable in IDFB, and TPOT and as previously mentioned she redeemed herself in BFDIA 6 and become likable since.


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